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Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Movements Guarantee Justice, Stability...February 11 Collapse of US-’’Israeli’’ Allies

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Nour Rida

The month of February holds the anniversary of the Islamic Resistance Martyr leaders, as well as the memory of the different triumphant occasions, the ripest of which is the victory of the Egyptian Revolution, not to mention the anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution and the righteous revolutions across the world. Hizbullah Secretary General appeared on the Giant Screen addressing the hundreds of thousands in the SAyyed Al Shuhada complex and before TV screens.
Sayyed Nasrallah before starting his speech, saluted the souls of the martyrs who have led to the victories we live today. He also saluted their families who were present in the ceremony, and hold steadfast to their pledge to continue the path the martyrs started.

His Eminence Sayyed Nasrallah explained the reason behind this ceremony is not only to praise and hail these leaders but to renew the pledge and the oath to all the martyrs and all those faithful to the resistance. "These great leaders express the 30 years of the Islamic Resistance History; they express the entire phase of 30 years on the history of the resistance, Lebanon and the Region."

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed to the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution and the coinciding of the overthrow of the Egyptian Tyrant Husni Mubarak Regime. His eminence remarked that this day of February 11 became the day of the collapse of two of the most important allies to the United States and "Israel" in the region: the Shah regime in Iran and the Mubarak regime in Egypt.

While pointing to the other occasions of the month of February, Sayyed Nasrallah also pointed to the assassination of former Prime Minister Martyr Rafik Hariri. His eminence noted that this crime had very dangerous and important effects on Lebanon and the region, noting that Lebanon still lives the crime's repercussion up to date.

"We do not see our resistance and leaders as separate from Lebanon and the region. Man leaders of the Arab, Islamic and Palestinian resistance are all part of the movement of awareness and challenge in the region," His Eminence noted, adding that "the resistance movements of which the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon is part of, is only a natural response to invasion, occupation and movements of hegemony. He also reminded that "the people of the region never had a project of war or confrontation, but it was invaded, and its lands, dignities and independence have been usurped."

"These resistance movements are the guarantee to realize justice and stability in the region. We agree that any peace and stability in the region, in Lebanon or elsewhere is to take place under one condition; which is justice," Sayyed Nasrallah said.
"We're a part and a continuation of the resistance leaders and the founders of the Lebanese leaders, at the top of whom comes Imam Mussa Sadr and others."
His eminence said that the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon should be seen as a part of the awareness movements in the regions, and also as part of the defiance movement, saying "Lebanon is affecting and is affected by the balance of power in the region."

Sayyed Nasrallah said that injustice in the region exists since 60 years in the region, since "Israel" invaded the region and expelled an entire people. He also added that the resistance movements in Palestine and the region came as an ethical, religious and honorable reaction to these aggressions."

Hizbullah SG stressed the title of the few coming weeks is "the political US invasion to Lebanon" because they have failed to invade Lebanon militarily. "Any peace in the region based on injustice and oppression cannot be the cause of peace and stability, it will fall soon," Sayyed Nasrallah said.

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say "I address this speech to (US President Barack) Obama, and (US Secretary of State Hillary) Clinton who speak of justice and stability. I tell them: justice is that rights return back to its people, justice implies that the Palestinians return to their land, justice implies that the people of Palestine have a state of their own on their land from river to sea. It means that war criminals against humanity be punished. In light of such justice, there will be an unprecedented stability in the region." 

"What is the U.S. administration's position from justice, establishing international tribunals, and trying criminals?" Sayyed asked.
The other side of justice, which Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated is "trying the war criminals and those who commited crimes against humanity."
As for the fake peace through failing negotiations that only present more concessions and does not return any right to its people, Sayyed Nasrallah said that no peace can take place in light of such conditions. 

Hizbullah leader assured that what is happening is only more support to the Zionists, and an alteration in rules in the West so that no one can file a lawsuit against the criminals of the "Israeli" aggressions, noting "The US has driven the Ummah to a state of despair in achieving victory."

Sayyed Nasrallah noted that another part of the problem lies in the dictator regimes that ruled their people in order to protect the US interests in the region, "Israel" at the heart of these. He said that no matter how close a party, group, elite, or regime is to "Israel, and no matter how strong this side defends and protects "Israel" and the successive US administrations, they will lose. All those who linked their fate with the Americans will lose.
Referring to Iran during the reign of the Shah, Sayyed Nasrallah said that the regime in Iran at the time was American, and that the Shah was nothing but a mirror to that, it was an "Israeli" regime. But Imam Khomeini explained that the title of the Iranian revolution is to expel the US and "Israel" from Iran. 

Sayyed Nasrallah said that Netanyahu had talked about a tremor in the region of which he does not know its results, noting that what he does not know is that the biggest loser of the developments and changes in the region is the US.
Hizbullah leader noted that on the "Israeli" level, worry prevails over the Zionist Entity who is reconsidering its strategies on the Southern front, adjacent with Egypt. He continued that the "Israelis" wagered on the Egyptian regime to control the Gaza Strip and pressure the Palestinians, noting that we are all familiar with Mubarak's stance on the 2006 July war as the "Israelis" themselves said Mubarak told them to continue the July war. 

Sayyed Nasrallah then talked about The "Israeli" war minister Ehud Barak saying "The entire region is changing before our eyes. We have seen what happened in Lebanon, where the government became uncomfortable for several reasons more likely related to Hizbullah. 

Hizbullah leader noted that "Israeli" war Minister Ehud Barak's statements that the Lebanese government is a Hizbullah government are similar to ones issued by some officials on the internal scene in Lebanon. "No, it is not a Hizbullah government," He stressed. 

Sayyed Nasrallah noted to the statements made recently by the "Israeli" former chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi concerning his "achievements" in the army and his pledge that the "failure" in Lebanon and Gaza war would not repeat themselves. "At least, he's admitting there were failures. But now, there's a discussion whether Hizbullah could occupy the Galilee region. Twenty years ago, "Israelis" were convinced that Hizbullah could not occupy any site in the north of the occupied territories."

Hizbullah Secretary General added "Today I tell Barak, Ashkenazi, Ghantz, and I tell the resistance fighters to be prepared for the day when war is imposed on Lebanon, then I ask you to lead the Resistance to occupy the Galilee."

"I tell Ashkenazi you have misevaluated the capabilities of the resistance and did wrong when you assassinated Shiekh Ragheb Harb and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi and Haj Imad Moghniyeh," Sayyed Nasrallah asserted adding "I tell the Zionist leaders and generals to be careful wherever they are in the world because Imad Moghniyeh's blood will not go to waste."

Hizbullah leader also said that Lebanon, in its confrontation with "Israel" realized a great deal of justice and stability, while the resistance movements along with the Mujahideen from the Palestinian resistance factions were able to retrieve rights to its people in Bint Jbeil, Hasbaya, and Jezzine who went back to their homeland. Sayyed Nasrallah said this was owing to the effort of these resistance movements, neither the Security Council nor any international resolutions were able to do that. 

Sayyed Nasrallah noted that since the 2000 and until the eve of the July 2006 war, Lebanon enjoyed a state of stability owing to the resistance, adding that since the end of the July war, there became an equation of the people-resistance-army, where the three together realize stability.

Hizbullah Secretary General said "What has remained from the March 14 camp is determined to bring up the issue of the party's (Hizbullah) arms and it has never really abandoned it. Yes, the weapons are an issue of national dispute. The weapons are a detail and the main dispute lies in explaining the Resistance's role." His Eminence addressed the other camp saying "The freedom we got in the South is transcendent and complete and we deserved it because of the martyrs' blood. We agreed earlier to go to the dialogue table to discuss defense strategies. But I tell you, insisting on tackling the issue of the weapons is a losing battle and do as you wish."

"Our acceptance of the national dialogue was a concession for the country's interest and we are now ready for dialogue. There is another route to reach the truth which lies in discussing the issue, but you have wasted this opportunity. From day one, the investigation took on a certain direction and for a while now, they have taken it into a different one," Sayyed Nasrallah added.
His Eminence wondered "After all these years, do you see that the international investigation and the tribunal lead us to truth and justice? We have seen the false witnesses file in some of its sides, and we heard the investigation administration, which is a politicized administration. From day one, the investigation took on a certain direction and for a while now, they have taken it into a different one. Do the leaks and avoiding assumptions and the indictment before the end of the investigation lead to the truth? There is another route to reach the truth which lies in discussing the issue, but you have wasted this opportunity." 

"What the other camp has been subject to is the result of its mistakes, its compliance with the American project in the region. They are part of this project, everyone knows the relation between the other camp and John Bolton and the US administration and its ties to Husni Mubarak. We have to go back to the roots to discover the real mistakes, the first of which is being part of the US project in the region, and wagering on the fate of Lebanon based on US politics in the region, just like what is happening now in Lebanon and the foreign incitement against Mikati and his government, claiming it is a Hizbullah government. The rest of the project is falling apart. The American project that they have been working for is falling apart and I call on them to reconsider their decisions and not waste time in pinpointing errors."

Sayyed Nasrallah further went on to say "They know it is not a Hizbullah government and they are negotiating with Mikati and know the man has his own decision," asking "Is the foreign pressure on the Mikati government a national interest? For what for arms?"

Hizbullah leader also noted that the previous government was given a whole year as a chance, but now they (the 14 March camp) refuse to give any chance to the current government. "The previous government functioned for a whole year achieving nothing. Lebanon is in need of a government that understands the people and whose army wages battle along with them. Every Lebanese wants a serious government that listens to its people, to the people of Akkar, Tripoli, Jbeil and all Lebanon rather than a government that listens to Bolton and Connely," His Eminence Said.

"Today, the new majority is the real majority," Sayyed Nasrallah said, noting it is both a parliamentary and popular majority. He added "We wanted a National Unity Government but if it is not possible, the country cannot remain without a government."

Sayyed Nasrallah ended his speech recalling the memory of the martyr leaders of whom we learned patience, tolerance, sacrifice. "We tell our martyr leaders that your chaste blood entered us into the time of victories. Since we knew you and witnessed your jihad we have entered this stage of victories and left behind the period of defeats."