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Sayyed Nasrallah: Deterrence Force is What Protects Lebanon from “Israeli” Enemy

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Nour Rida

On the 40th day of commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, Fleets of people mourning Imam Hussein and paying him tribute came from across Lebanon; many came from Syria as well to take part in the mass event that was prepared for the revival of the Arbaeen.

On this great and sublime occasion, Sayyed Nasrallah delivered a word via video link on a Giant screen before the tens of thousands of mourners.
Sayyed Nasrallah's speech addressed three topics, one on the significance of the event, another on the general situation in the region and a third on the situation in Lebanon, particularly in light of the current sensitive situation. 

Sayyed Nasrallah commenced his speech by highlighting the significance of the Arbaeen, noting it is in first place a revival to the day of Ashura and the battle of Karbala. On the journey of the caravan of sorrows, which encompassed the women and children of Imam Hussein who were taken captives at the time, the Resistance leader said the convoy of captives fulfilled the aims of Imam Hussein's struggle rather than fulfill the corrupt Caliphate Yazid's goals.
Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that the journey of Imam Zein Al Abideen, the women and children, which is the path of pain, martyrdom and tears, was the reason why the message of Islam is still alive. 

The Resistance leader said that when you study and observe the steadfastness and unflinching support of the Imam, his companions and the captives; the unselfishness and subjugation of individualism on the part of Abbas, the brother and the ‘backbone' of the Imam's contingent; the understanding of death by Qasim, the Imam's young nephew; the desire to die an honorable and dignified death than to live a humiliating life demonstrated by Imam Hussein and his followers, you will find that Karbala was and is continuously reminding us of the true meaning and value of humanity.

And so you will find that Imam Hussein and his companions rose against Yazid's illegitimate rule in order to protect the Godly values on the earth; to show us the true value of a human being; to explain us the need to maintain our dignity as human beings and the need to return to Allah with dignity and honor and not having done injustice to our soul.
That is why later on there existed revolutions in the different Islamic States, when people found out the truth about the killing of the Prophet's household, and after hearing the voice of Lady Zeinab, which was a wakeup call to them. 

Therefore, Sayyed Nasrallah concluded on this part saying that the historic journey of the Caravan of sorrows was in fact a continuation to the battle of Karbala on the tenth of the Hijri month of Muharram.
Declaring the city of Baalbeck an every-year host to commemorating the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein, Sayyed Nasrallah said it deserves to be so, as it is the land of resistance and resistance fighters. 

From the note on resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah saluted the Tunisian people, and saluted their steadfastness in face of tyranny, as well as their uprising and rejection to surrender.
He urged them not to allow anyone to waste their efforts recalling "Yesterday, we heard that Feltman traveled to Tunisia. The Tunisian people should be aware because Feltman wants to talk about elections with the interim Tunisian government; this means a US scheme is being prepared against the revolution in Tunisia." Describing Feltman as a conjurer, Sayyed Nasrallah said the arrival of this US official to the country mean the arrival of desolation and strife along with him.

Hizbullah SG also said on this day, the day of the oppressed, we recognize the right of the Palestinian people, whether in the West Bank, in Al Quds, the Palestinian detainees suffering in "Israeli" prisons, or those millions of Palestinian refugees dispersed worldwide, and awaiting their right to return to their homeland. 

His Eminence said that since the beginning, the Bekaa, Lebanon, the Resistance, the Palestinian resistance believed in Palestine and the sufferings of its people. "On this road, we tendered our most precious martyrs and we will continue to sacrifice with this people, we'll be martyred together, and God willing, together we will make victory."
Moving on to the Lebanese arena, Sayyed Nasrallah said "We are going through a difficult phase that requires a responsible action." 

"We resorted to the constitutional institutions and law in confronting the indictment which targets the resistance. It was our constitutional and normal right, and so the opposition ministers presented their resignation and overthrew the government. We then went to consultations, and a while ago, His Excellency President of the Lebanese Republic decaled assigning the PM Najib Mikati to forming a government," Sayyed Nasrallah said adding "We understand all the sentiments because of the psychological, social, political tensions."

He went on to further discuss the parliamentary consultations, "The Parliamentary Consultations round was very tough, and I tell you, many in this world interfered (in the process). Imagine, US vice president Mr Biden called head of a certain political bloc asking him to vote for Hariri. Still, we understood this issue and reiterate this is a political battle."
Sayyed Nasrallah visualizing the scene said "If we suppose the opposite had happened, had the other camp's candidate been appointed, you would have heard condemnations from Washington, Western capitals, as well as many Arab capitals. You would have witnessed a global political and media attack describing those as dictators and outlaws leading a coup." 

"But because the demonstrations have been led by the other camp, the whole world is silent because they are not adopting a common standard in dealing with all sides. There is nothing such as a common standard! If you respect parliamentary majority, then this is a parliamentary majority as well," His Eminence underscored, wondering "If protests and heading to streets a legitimate right, then why was the opposition denounced back then (when the opposition staged protests during the previous government formation process).
Sayyed Nasrallah added "I call on the Lebanese to make use of this new opportunity. Intimidating PM Miqati is useless. You started distorting facts starting from the international investigation to stating that Miqati is Hizbullah's candidate, and this is not true. Saying that he is Hizbullah's candidate is sectarian incitement. The opposition considered that his candidacy is a way to ease the tensions."

The Resistance leader said that Hizbullah supported former PM Mikati and urged him to form a national salvation government, adding "Let us all cooperate and join in one government."
"We do not seek authority or government, and up to the year 2005, we did not intervene in any government in Lebanon. As a resistance movement, we want to defend ourselves, our country, the dignity of the Lebanese and the Arabs, retrieve the usurped land and sanctities," Sayyed Nasrallah explained.

Addressing the 14 March campaign, he further elaborated "All we need from you is two issues. First, do not conspire against us or stab us in the back, we do not even want protection from you! Second, take care of the people, be at their service, particularly in the deprived areas," questioning what have they done to the needy areas such as Akkar, Tripoli and the North during the past five years.

"We believe there have been major changes in the region, and we believe there a constant "Israeli" threat, there exist threatened Palestinian people and sanctities. You got us involved in the domestic arena in 2005, because you went to Washington and presented obligations in which you conspired with against the resistance and its weapons. Even the dialogue table aimed at disarming the resistance," Sayyed Nasrallah said, assuring the failure of this scheme, just like the July 2006 war failed in realizing their goals. He continued "Today, there is the Special Tribunal's scheme targeting the resistance, but it will fail."

Hizbullah SG added that what protects Lebanon is its deterrence force which was found by the resistance in order to confront the enemy.


person Mark Iannicelli


Feltman's visit is an indication that the U.S. wants to exercise neo colonialism. Tunisia should kick out the Americans and use the Embassy of Switzerland to be their special interest section in all of Tunisia. Please remember of all the countries in the world only one penetrated the U.S. Embassy and learned from U.S. Shreded documents that the Shah used the C.I.A. to gather intelligence on his political opponents and murdered them. Tunisia should follow the Iranian example and learn what's really going on in the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia.This is Tunisia's chance to install an Islamic government. I don't care if it is Islamic Socialist , Islamic Republican or Islamic Democratic this is the time in history now that EGYPT, Tunisia and Yemen install Islamic governments, kick out U.S. government personnel and have Switzerland represent U.S. interest so as to keep spies out of Islamic countries that are there for nothing but trouble. -- I am currently taking political science classes at the University of Alaska at Anchorage and U.S. Army soldiers who are also students have recommended that the U.S.Army go into Egypt and control the revolution to oust Mubarak. This is an example of U.S Military Imperialism and so U.S. government in Islamic countries must be very limited so that each country can maintain their own sovereignty. --- Inshallah and Best Wishes Mark Iannicelli also known as Muhammad Li