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Quite a Probe: All Confess, All Guilty

Quite a Probe: All Confess, All Guilty
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Siraj Kobeissy

Finally the Turkel probe assigned to examine and investigate the "Israeli" brutal raid on the Mavi-Marmara flotilla to Gaza started Tuesday, and one "Israeli" official at a time, would enter the investigation hall and give out what he has to testify.

It is clear that whenever one has to stand in front of an international probe, it is a duty to spill out the truth, without any hesitation, holding full responsibility and credibility to what one says.

As ironic as it seems, "Israeli" Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu sat in front of the Turkel inquiry waiting for questions to be addressed at him.

One after another, six questions were asked and Netanyahu refused to answer unless they were discussed at a "closed session". Other questions were apparently vague to the "Israeli" PM, where he confessed he didn't know the answer to many other questions.

Quite a prepared PM, trained by Attorney Avigdor Kalgsbald to get through all questions, yet silence prevailed.

When it came to the serious issue, Netanyahu said that the decision of raiding the Mavi-Marmara ship was the "Israeli" War Forces' decision, implying that the War force, or other words War Minister Ehud Barak, was the one who later chose the method.

By the time when the Flotilla raid took place, Netanyahu was in an official visit to North America, saying he had an important meeting with US President Barak Obama.

"As prime minister, I always bear overall responsibility, whether I'm here or abroad, and the same was true in this case".

This statement, although contradicting what he said, which is blaming the war forces, came as a result of Ehud Barak's infuriation of his entity's PM's accusation of responsibility.

One confession from the PM was adopted, followed by another confession of guiltiness after condemnation, from the one and only "Israeli" War Minister.

Ehud Barak precisely took "full responsibility" for the "Israeli" deadly raid on the Freedom Flotilla, where he admitted responsibility for all decisions and orders given to naval and military forces who conducted the attack.

However, Barak did not allow responsibility to be focused on him, saying that attacking the flotilla ships was "a reasoned decision by a group of senior cabinet ministers".

Wednesday the probe summoned more officials for testimonies, and this time it was "Israeli" Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazy, where after War Minister Barak blamed the "Israeli" war forces, Ashkenazy praised their work and claimed they had full right to their attack.

So far international community sees "Israel" guilty of the brutal flotilla raid, and now three "Israeli" officials, all confess, all guilty of the same crime. Although one claims the other to be guilty, at least one planned, the other gave order, and the rest conducted.

International probes should be promising, yet in this case, one wouldn't know, as long as "Israel" is involved.