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Hizbullah Secretary General: The Resistance is the Most Precious Thing We Have

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Nour Rida

Sons of the martyrs, those young men who followed the lead of their fathers... sons of the martyrs, young, faithful, strong and independent... who were nurtured by the love and sacrifices of their fathers, and by their blood that quenched the thirst of the land and granted the people a life of dignity...

Daughters of the martyrs are of no less importance, as even though they do not go out to battle and do not take part in confrontations in the frontlines, yet they fight their own battle in life, while pursuing their education, raising their children who in their turn follow that path of resistance and pride.

Today, and before Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah appearing live on the giant screen, through which we see him and listen to his wise and determined words, the Martyrs association, for the first time, graduates the sons and daughters of the martyrs in a ceremony held in Beirut Southern Suburb.

But this time, Sayyed did not speak right away, as he shared the people of dignity their pride and joy in this honorable ceremony. Clear it is that no distance can separate Sayyed Nasrallah from living and interacting with the people, who enjoy every split of those precious moments with their leader, the minaret that has - and still- lights their way and is their greatest model of sacrifice.

Today, Sayyed Nasrallah enjoys the graduation of each and every son and daughter of the honorable martyrs, as if they are his, indeed they are, for he is their spiritual father, their source of satisfaction, delight and admiration.

Today, not only a ceremony to celebrate those children of martyrs who graduated and reached a state of independency, but also those who attained martyrdom in defense of the land and in confronting the enemy that proved to be weaker than a spider web!

The martyrs association presented a legion of honor to the graduates, both the ones still living their battle and those who were martyred.

Following the graduation, the Leader of the resistance delivered his speech, beginning with a recitation of Sourat Al Fatiha to the chaste and pure souls of the martyrs.

The 25th of July is the memory of the martyrdom of a young man, who lost his father at a young age, and was supported by his family, loved ones and the martyrs association. This very same young man chose the path of the resistance voluntarily, and willingly, until he martyred on this day in the 2006 war that turned out into a strident Divine Victory. It is the martyr Ahmad Jagbir Sayyed talked about, son of the martyr Hassan Jagbir who was one of God's lion hearts and founders of the resistance who martyred in 1993.

Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized this day will become officially the graduation day of the martyrs' children which will be held annually from now on.

His eminence thanked the wives of the martyrs, the sacrificing mothers who have dedicated their lives to raise their children, the coming generation that will build the future.

Sayyed Nasrallah also thanked the families (grand parents and relatives) of these children who also contributed to the wellbeing and success of these children and helped them through their way.

His Eminence extended his gratitude to the founder of the Martyrs association Sayyed Issa Tabataba'I that Sayyed described as a loving father, not to mention Imam Khomenie and Khamenie who always supported the association and the families of the martyrs.

Sayyed on the same note, thanked all those who supported the children of martyrs, the orphans -whether financially, morally, spiritually or else, and highlighted that now we bear the fruits of all that effort and support as those orphans have become educated, cultured, and independent.

Sayyed Nasrallah shed light on the importance of this support, referring to sayings of the prophet (PBUH) and his chaste household that imply that those who support the orphans and the children of the martyrs are no less than the Mujahideen who confront the enemy and liberate the land.

His Eminence addressed a brief word to the children of the martyrs, telling them they enjoy a privilege of being children of martyrs, and therefore hold a greater responsibility in life and society.

Sayyed Nasrallah concluded this part of the speech by reiterating that those martyrs were the greatest and most significant symbols of resistance, sacrifice and are the most precious people who selflessly gave up everything for the sake of the land and the people.

Moving on to the resistance, Hizbullah S.G. said "the resistance is the most precious thing we have and we will not allow anyone in the world to hurt its dignity". He said that the blood and sacrifices of the martyrs, wounded, captives, and its people of pride failed all the schemes for the past 30 years, particularly the scheme of the year 2006, and by that the resistance hammered the last nail of the Zionist coffin of the schemes against the resistance and the region.

His Eminence stated that the resistance- throughout its sacrifices and victories- holds a spiritual position as it is respected by the different societies, whether the Christian, the Sunni, the Shiite, the Arab, as it is the resistance that all the oppressed see as the hope and the role model.

This Resistance, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized, that for the first time in history made Lebanon in the heart of the regional equation after it was inferior, and was able to hold a new position. Sayyed Nasrallah also said that the resistance is not worried about its image but about the country and its wellbeing, saying that the resistance has been targeted since 1982, and hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to disfigure its image but to no avail.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that "they want Hizbullah to be weak and the issue with it is its rejection to the "Israeli"-US scheme in the region". He said they might bargain on gas and oil but they can never bargain on the resistance, stressing that the war on the resistance will continue (as US Assistant Jeffrey Feltman admitted this before the congress).

Sayyed Nasrallah said he will be further discussing the topic further on the 3rd of August, upon request of the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman as he will receive prominent guests in Lebanon on July 30.

On the Special Tribunal to Lebanon (STL) Sayyed Nasrallah stated that "anything that is not based on the truth is a second assassination of (former assassinated PM) Rafiq Hariri. He reiterated there is national consensus on the revelation of the truth and punishing the criminals who assassinated Hariri, stressing that the attitude of the STL and the investigation panel is based on nothing but falsehood, and that it is not putting effort to reveal the truth and punish those who committed the crime.

Hizbullah S.G. said that the investigation committee -all the way from the beginning- had issued a verdict to which it looks for criminals, highlighting that the attitude of the STL, the investigation panel, and some parties in Lebanon do not want the truth to come out.

Again like the previous speech, Sayyed posed questions to which he had answers, starting with the witnesses of falsehood and those who fabricated them. He said the STL does not want to summon those witnesses and question them claiming it is not required for the investigation. His Eminence further questioned how can witnesses of falsehood who presented perjury for four years not be an essential part of the investigation.

Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that three of the witnesses -through press conferences- spoke about those who got them and taught them what to say, and who fabricated the lie. Sayyed said he will be addressing the evidence he has in following speeches.

He stated that the Investigation Committee is not qualified to knowing the truth or revealing it. On this note,Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that the resistance demand justice as well as revealing the truth on those who killed martyr Hariri.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that this fabrication targets the resistance, and what the Zionist media said is true and intersects with the information he has, demanding a Lebanese committee (whether parliamentarian, judicial, security or ministerial) to summon the witnesses and ask them about who fabricated their role and gave them information to say, stressing that this is what they should do if they were to prove they were serious and caring about the investigation.

At the end, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated "the resistance is the most precious thing we've got; we will preserve it and continue our path."


person William Powers

God Bless Nasrullah

May God give victory to the Lebanese resistance.

person Laiq Hussain Turi

Live long Hassan Nasrullah

Hassan Nasrullah, step ahead, we are your soldiers and we will fight till the last drop of our blood against the enemies of Allah, His Prophet Mohammad(P.B.U.H) & beloved Ahlalbait-e-Athar (A.S). I am from (Pakistan) Parachinar, and you all will be well aware form the recent situations of the area and its reason is that, the servants of American & Israeli hegemony do not want us to become strong, but we will be and we will continue our struggle.