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Nasrallah welcomes Flotilla Activists, Thanks Turkey’s Bravery

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Local Editor

In the wake of the attack on the Freedom Flotilla fleet by the Zionist entity

The celebration began with a word by the freed Lebanese Activist Doctor Hani Sleiman who read his speech from a stretcher.

Dr Sleiman, who was injured in the attack on the Flotilla, promised that the new convoy bound for Gaza will consist of no less than 50 ships. Dr Sleiman relayed greetings from activists on the Flotilla to the secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

The Secretary General then addressed the audience, greeting and thanking all for answering prompt his call for the celebration. His eminence congratulated all on the birth of the Prophet Mohammad's daughter Fatima al-Zahraa (PBUH), and presented his condolences on the death of the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran the late Imam Khomeini to Sayyed Ali Khamenei and the Iranian people. His eminence also pointed to the anniversary of the assassination of the late Premier Rashid Karami, presenting his condolences to the Lebanese people and the family of the late Karami.

Sayyed Nasrallah then lauded and greeted the people of Gaza in particular, and the Palestinian people in general.

The Secretary General then greeted all the participants in the Freedom Flotilla fleet from all nationalities, and thanked the Lebanese delegation in the convoy.

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that God chose all martyrs from the Turkish nationality, congratulating and presented condolences to the families of the martyrs on the loss of loved ones and the bravery of their lost family members.
Nasrallah also thanked the Turkish leadership and those who put together and organized the Freedom Flotilla convoy.

The Secretary General first discussed the general details of the Freedom Flotilla fleet, in composition and organization and goals. Nasrallah noted that some participants came from countries that have diplomatic ties with "Israel", yet most were Turkish nationals.

His eminence then described the events of the Zionist attack on Flotilla up to the release of the activists.

Secondly, he described the events as an example of the criminal nature of the Zionist regime, and the killing nature, the terrorism of the government, and the disregard of "Israel" of any international values and considers itself above the law and above ethics and above religion. The incident, according to Nasrallah, came as a new example that "Israel" is sure it will not be punished, and that the entity does not value any country and that it does not need "pretexts" to attack and kill.

What happened in the a new witness that the current us admin is fully committed to the defense of "Israel" and preventing its indict and considered it "Israel's" natural right to defend itself, Nasrallah said, pointing out that many countries went silent or shyly conde3mned the matter.

His eminence also shed light on the official Arab weakness which his eminence considered does not require elaboration.

Then the secretary general pointed out to the fact that because there were hundreds of Turkish nationals, otherwise, he considered, the matter would not have been resolved in the speed it was done.

Nasrallah lauded the reaction of the Turkish people and leadership, saying that the Turkish insistence on cutting all diplomatic ties with "Israel" if the entity doesn't release all activists, the matter which came as an uncalculated shock to the Israelis. Nasrallah compared Turkey and some Arab nations with ties with the usurping entity, saying that they did not use that weapon like Turkey did in the hardest times, yet Turkey proved itself a strong country with a strong people and a strong diplomacy.

In the results, Nasrallah said, the flotilla convoy and attack and what was accomplished created great results. Nasrallah noted the following points as a result of the Flotilla:

1- Shedding new light on the vile siege on Gaza, putting Gaza back on the map

2- The flotilla imposed on the world to call for breaking the siege on Gaza

3- Opening the Rafah crossing by the Egyptian government

4- Action by Palestinian factions to reconcile

5- It will complicate for the Zionist entity a new attack on Gaza

6- More awareness of the international community

7- More awareness of the Arab world

8- Revealed failure of US policies in the region

9- New evidence of the Israeli barbarianism, compelling the Zionists to review their actions and the repercussions of the mistake, the attack

10- The head of the Mossad said, according to Nasrallah, that "Israel" is transforming form a strongpoint for the US into a burden for the US, which was reiterated by the US General Petraeus. 

11- Development of the Turkish position, which was already strong, but made a wide stride forward, noting the position of the Turkish president Abdullah Gül who said that the relations would never go back to what they were, giving the example of how Iran was transformed from an "Israeli" ally into an enemy, and that Israel has begun to lose Turkey after the flotilla attack

12- The Kuwaiti position which took a decision to withdraw from the Arab initiative

13- what occurred embarrasses all those who believe and call for normalization of relations with the Zionist regime and negotiations

What should be done, according to Nasrallah, is lifting the siege on Gaza. This requires the formation of more freedom flotillas bound for Gaza, destroying the "Israeli" goal of preventing and deterring anyone in the world from doing what the flotilla did, according to Netanyahu. The following are points which his eminence said should be done:

1- Nasrallah called for a varied participation in new freedom flotillas
Nasrallah promised that just as "Israel" makes a thousand calculations for a red flag, so it does for a yellow flag, meaning by that the flags of Hizbullah and Turkey. Nasrallah said that the world knows that they belong to a people who do not leave their people in prisons.

2- Nasrallah called on Egypt to keep the Rafah crossing opened. Nasrallah considered that the Arab world doesn't need the Security Council to open the Rafah crossing, wondering what Egypt's problem is with opening the Rafah crossing. Nasrallah said that when the Arab world should stand behind Egypt and supports it to open the Rafah crossing and face the pressures which would mount on it, saying we need no one in the world, not the United States or the European Union or anyone else, promising that the Muslims alone are truly capable of Opening it.

3- Nasrallah called for the support of Turkey in all aspects, especially in the aftermath of the flotilla incident to aid the Muslim country in sustain its brave positions and weathering the wave of pressure it will come under as a result.

4- Keeping Gaza topic strong, and transforming it into a global issue, giving examples of Iran and Nicaragua and Brazil.

5- following up on raising international lawsuits against "Israel"

6- Raising lawsuits against Israel on the Israeli crimes in the world

7- that we all work in all available means to reveal "Israel's" true face as a liar and terrorism and massacres

8- We should work on making and keeping friends, just as Iran transformed itself from and Arab enemy into an Arab friend, saying we should work on being strong because the world only respects strong ones, calling on the embrace of turkey

Nasrallah said that by holding onto the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine and the region is the true gratitude to the martyrs of the flotilla.

Nasrallah called for freedom of all and for the freedom of the al Quds.