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H.E. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: Nothing in ’’Israel’’ will be Safe from our Rockets if you Bomb us

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Sayyed Shouhada Complex, 16-02-2010

Hizbullah held its annual commemoration of its martyred leaders this evening during the course of Hizbullah Islamic Resistance Week celebrations.

The 16th of February marks the martyrdom of Sheikh Ragheb Harb and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi. A few days earlier, on the 13th, Hizbullah marked the 2nd anniversary for the martyrdom of Hajj Imad Moghnieh.

In its central celebration event at Sayyed Shuhada complex in Dahyeh, Hizbullah began its celebration with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran, followed by the Lebanese national anthem and Hizbullah's anthem.

Ragheb Harb Jr. said a word On behalf of the martyrs' families. The celebration was also marked by a "Mural of Victory" where several artists performed a musical mural on the theme of resistance and victory.

Sayyed Shouhada Complex, 16-02-2010

His Eminence Secretary General of Hizbullah started his word with a recitation of the Fatiha verses on the souls of all martyrs, especially the martyr leaders.

Afterwards, Sayyed Nasrallah presented his condolences on the death of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), as well as to the families of the victims of the Ethiopian plane crash, and to the family of assassinated Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri.

His Eminence then reiterated the qualities and values held by the martyr leaders, drawing a timeline on how the martyrs developed and grew to become the leaders that could create "generations of martyrs", asking only that we "preserve their accomplishment".

Nasrallah then question US President Obama's credibility, and asked, "Can the international community protect Lebanon?... Can we protect Lebanon by being neutral?... Would "Israel" return our lands and stop its aggressions?"

Sayyed Nasrallah then shed light on certain discussions taking place in Lebanon, considered it to be very odd that the obvious is debated.

His Eminence considered that Lebanon is now stronger than ever before, adding that the
"concept of strength that Lebanon faces the world with is the unity of resistance and army and people," adding that when another concept is found to face all challenges , then it would be considered.

Sayyed Nasrallah valued the official stances in Lebanon and the stances of the majority of the political parties in Lebanon in rejecting the threats against Lebanon and for their conformity with the resistance, as well as the efforts of the President in which the latter sheds light on "Israel's" threats and the positive aspect of resistance on an international level.

Nasrallah also commented on the negative aspect of discussions about "pretext", saying that "Israel" historically never used pretexts, and that if it ever wanted one it would create one and frame the whomever it wants to attack in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. According to Sayyed Nasrallah this approach lays responsibility on the resistance and considers "Israel" innocent, citing the most dangerous aspect to be one that has surfaced adopting the notion that "the very presence of resistance in Lebanon, even if it does nothing in Lebanon on the borders or is not present on the borders, this is enough pretext for "Israel" to wage war against Lebanon."

Sayyed Shouhada Complex, 16-02-2010

"This acquits "Israel" entirely," Nasrallah argued, saying that at the time when some Lebanese adopt this concept, most "Israelis" don't agree. "This preemptively lays all responsibility on the resistance," he added, considering that it also summons war.

"Is this a call for war against Lebanon?" Nasrallah asked, calling on the government to take firm action in their right.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah then moved on to discuss the "Israeli" topic, saying ""Israel's" strategic situation is as follows: it lives a dilemma of being incapable of imposing peace, and being incapable of imposing war."

Nasrallah believed everything witnessed in the enemy's entity after the Gaza war such as war games is "natural due to its Gaza failure". He added that even Olmert believes the Gaza war failed because it could not uproot Hamas.

Based on his reading and finding from the enemy's media and reports, Nasrallah concluded that "Israeli" has a condition from now on to wage war: sure guaranteed victory. Hizbullah's secretary general assured everyone that there would be no war lest this condition is met.

Sayyed Shouhada Complex, 16-02-2010

"We are strong to a point in Lebanon and Syria and Gaza to a point where "Israel" would never wage a war after July [war] and Gaza.... Not even a strong possibility of victory is enough. It would be a gamble," his eminence added.

Nasrallah stated that he has arrived at a conclusion: "Israel will never wage a war it cannot guarantee its outcome". He considered that this explains why "Israel" is working on raising its military capabilities.

Sayyed Hassan addressed the "Israeli" public saying the Iron Dome anti-missile shield is closer to a film than it is to an operational fact, and that its efficiency is negligible.

In this sense, Nasrallah stated that "Israel" also works on three levels: First, on trying to stop others from gaining strength in Syria, Lebanon,Iran, and Palestine by "threatening with war" to impede the strength-gaining and alertness of these states. Second, by killing leaders of its enemies, such as Hajj Imad and Mabhuuh. Third, on instigation.

Nasrallah reiterated his firm belief that "every Arab that falters Palestinian reconciliation is knowingly doing a favor for "Israel". "

Nasrallah considered these actions and threats a part of a psychological war.

Nasrallah argued that for years, the logic was that "Israel" would wage war whenever it chose, for this logic to be replaced by the if-you-do-this-we-will-do-that reaction logic. Sayyed Hassan cited the "Israeli" rhetoric of ‘if you attain anti-missile rockets...if you do this and that...we will wage war against you' used by "Israel". His eminence highlighted the shift from the initiative-approach to a reaction-approach by "Israel" for the first time in its history.

Nasrallah then brought up the subject of the late "Israeli"-Syria war rhetoric, stating that the direct and indirect messages sent to Syria were answered by Syria who assured "Israel" for the first time that it would destroy all of "Israel's" towns and cities if "Israel" were to start war. The Syrian reaction to the Zionist war-threats triggered an avalanche of "Israeli" downplay of its original threats, even hinting at peace, only two hours after the Syrian Foreign Minister finished iterated his response.

"How do we face these threats?" Nasrallah asked, only to answer that they could only be faced with steadfastness and strength. "If "Israel" sees us scared, it will go to war. The counter-threat is what stops "Israel"," he assured.

His Eminence brought to mind when enemy warmonger Ehud Barack threatened Lebanon with war, talking of a decisive victory. At the time, Nasrallah reminded, Hizbullah responded with open arms saying: Welcome, whatever you choose, all your battalions will be destroyed in our land.

"We don't hear anything in "Israel" on a decisive victory; the tone changed to become that of humbleness, talking about small limited targets," Nasrallah pointed out.

"They came up with the Dahyeh doctrine," he added, confirming that the enemy cannot do more to the Dahyeh than it did in the July war.

"On July 14th of last year's ceremony, we answered them: If you bomb Dahyeh, we will bomb Tel Aviv," his Eminence reminded, stressing that Hizbullah doesn't want a war. He clarified the stance, adding, "Maybe they thought that if they bomb buildings in Dahyeh, we will make a few holes in the walls of Tel Aviv."

Sayyed Shouhada Complex, 16-02-2010

Sayyed Nasrallah then detailed the new terms of war, saying "Today I would like to tell them: No. If you destroy one building in Dahyeh, we will destroy [many] buildings in Tel Aviv.

Nasrallah then said the "Israeli's" threatened the Lebanese government with destroying Lebanon's infrastructure. He then pointed out that Occupied Palestine also has infrastructure, and would be bombed in return, only that Lebanon's humble infrastructure is small compared to "Istrael's".

"Today in Lebanon, we are capable of protecting our country... and we are not in need of anyone in the world to protect us."

His Eminence then went back to the subject of Hajj Imad Moghnieh, stating that the resistance had the chance to execute many operations in his revenge, but chose not to. "For one reason, the man we want to avenge is Imad Moghniyeh... We will choose the targets, the timing, the location, and the operation so we can say ‘this is the answer to the assignation of our jihadi leader'," Nasrallah added.

"On the anniversary I say: we want revenge on the level of Imad Moghniyeh, and not revenge just for revenge, but to protect everything he lived for."

Nasrallah concluded stressing that Hizbullah would be faithful to the martyrs, and that the resistance would protect their accomplishments.

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Alhamdulillah, Now world Muslim Ummah has got a reliable shield, May Alllah (SWA) continues to guide and protect you.

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