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Mounting Pressure on Joe Biden to Exit US Presidential Race

Mounting Pressure on Joe Biden to Exit US Presidential Race
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By Staff, Agencies

Political pressure is mounting for US President Joe Biden to step aside amid fears of losing to Donald Trump in November. On Wednesday, the Democratic Party experienced a sudden surge of grave pronouncements following a slow drip of criticism.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Biden to promptly decide on his 2024 bid, while George Clooney, a Democratic supporter, withdrew his support and criticized Biden in the New York Times for his recent change of character.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has privately indicated his openness to a Democratic candidate other than Biden to donors, according to Axios, while Senator Peter Welch became the first Democratic senator to explicitly call for the president to step aside, stating that he must withdraw for the betterment of the country.

Analysts predict that criticism momentum is likely to continue, prompting speculation on whether Biden will continue to defend his stance or decide to leave. Biden aims to prevent Democratic politicians, donors, and allies from defecting following a halting debate performance against Trump, claiming he is the best to beat Trump.

Senior Democratic Congressman Joe Courtney reported spirited discussions within the party about Biden's leadership abilities, remarking on Biden's reassuring address to NATO leaders but noting that it cannot undo what has been done in the debate. "He did well yesterday at NATO speech. Supporters, like me, hope he keeps it up. We don't want history to judge us negatively after November."

Pelosi, a close friend of Biden, has not confirmed her support for Biden's candidacy, suggesting he may face increased calls from fellow Democrats to exit the race. Bill Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, defended Nancy Pelosi's comments, stating that she was aware of her actions and could not be accused of naivety.

Dr. Emma Shortis, a senior researcher at The Australia Institute, deemed Ms. Pelosi's comments to be "carefully calibrated."

Dr. Shortis noted that Pelosi and Schumer's prominence in the Democratic Party might signal ongoing trouble for Biden, adding, "In politics, once momentum builds, breaking the story loop is difficult."

On the other hand, Clooney expressed disappointment in the Joe Biden he was with at a fundraiser three weeks ago, stating that he did not consider him the "big deal" Biden of 2010.

At a NATO summit, when reporters asked Biden about Clooney's piece in the New York Times, he shifted to union leaders' support. And when asked about Pelosi's backing, he raised a triumphant fist.

The campaign cited a letter he sent to Democrats in Congress, stating his "firm commitment" to staying in the race and beating Trump.

Galston stated that the White House has taken all necessary measures to prevent criticism and that President Biden has reacted forcefully to end it. He added, "Elected Democrats are deeply concerned about the fall election outcome and are not following the president's lead."

Dr. Shortis stated that while Biden appears committed to remaining in the race, the pressure could potentially become too much. "He will likely maintain his stance until it's no longer sustainable," she said.

Biden's long tenure is attributed to a lack of succession planning, as the Democratic Party has not adequately supported or built the profiles of young, diverse candidates.

Kamala Harris is being considered as the party's frontrunner to replace Biden if he resigns. Dr. Shortis suggested that Biden hasn't stepped aside due to feeling that Harris can't or shouldn't do it.

Biden has the final say on whether to stay or leave, Galston stated, and believed that Congress will be taking a break at the end of the week, and cannot fathom the situation extending beyond that.