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Keir Starmer, “Israel’s” Closest British PM

Keir Starmer, “Israel’s” Closest British PM
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By Jamal Wakim

The British Labor Party scored over the past week a major victory over the Conservative Party. It gained two-thirds of the British House of Commons while the number of seats of the Conservative Party declined to less than 120, which is below a quarter of the House members. This victory was led by Keir Starmer, a British lawyer born in 1962. He has served as the Labor Party Leader since 2020. He has been representing Holborn and St. Pancras in the Parliament since 2015, and worked as a speaker for the British Labor Party for Brexit affairs. He also served as Shadow Brexit Secretary.

Starmer has led a rebellion within the Labor Party. It was against ex-Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was known for supporting the rights of the Palestinian people. Starmer launched an anti-Corbyn campaign with the slogan of combatting ‘anti-Semitism’ inside the party. The campaign expelled Corbyn in 2020, contributing to the repositioning of the Labor Party on the pro-“Israel” side. Being its leader, Starmer repositioned the Labor Party far from the Left and near to the centrist political parties. He laid emphasis on the importance of eliminating what he referred to as ‘anti-Semitism’ within the party, which was led by Corbyn. This signals to the role the Zionist lobby played, alongside the “Israeli” intelligence, to topple the ex-Labor Leader and replace him with Starmer.

According to leaked information, Starmer sought the services of a man called Assaf Kaplan during his campaign to spy on Corbyn and other pro-Palestinian cause Labor members. He also monitored their social media accounts. Kaplan is an “Israeli” spy who works for the Mossad. He has previously operated with Unit 8200, an “Israeli” cyber spy unit that illegally spies on Palestinians in the occupied territories. It also runs websites that incite sectarian and ethnic strife in the Arab world. This has created a massive campaign of disapproval within the Labor Party, yet Starmer held on Kaplan and gave him an official position within the party.

It is worth noting that Starmer supported “Israel” and affirmed his support for the Labor Friends of “Israel”. It is the British edition of the “Israeli” lobby in the US, AIPAC. The LFI funded the electoral campaigns of more than 40% of the Labor Party members in the latest legislative elections.

Starmer called on several supporters of “Israel” to hold positions within the Labor Party. Among them is Damien Egan, who became member of the parliament for Kingswood in February. Egan is a gay Jew, he is “married” to an “Israel”-born man named Yossi Felberbaum. The latter is a former “Israeli” spy recruiter, and has served also in the “Israeli” 8200 Unit. Felberbaum still has ties with the “Israeli” military intelligence. Additionally, the first thing Starmer did after he became the Prime Minister was to appointing Rachel Reeves as the Chancellor of the Treasury, who is also member of the LFI.

Starmer and the Labor Party have previously blocked a proposal presented by the Scottish Parliament for a ceasefire in Gaza because “Israel” opposed this resolution. It is expected that Starmer’s government be classified as “Israel’s” closest government since decades.