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Hamas Rep. to Al-Ahed: Deliberations to Facilitate Negotiations underway, No Compromise on Basic Demands

Hamas Rep. to Al-Ahed: Deliberations to Facilitate Negotiations underway, No Compromise on Basic Demands
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By Mustapha Awada

Lebanon - A number of ideas are being discussed aimed at securing a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has shared some of these ideas with mediators, but there is no new concrete proposal on paper.

Hamas has repeatedly asserted that the group’s demands are the demands of the Palestinian people and not those of Hamas alone.

These demands have a national consensus, and Hamas has dealt with all mediation efforts with a great deal of positivity and flexibility. 

The “Israeli” narrative that a settlement is being obstructed by Hamas’ intransigence is built on deception and lies. 

The truth is that “Israel” is being uncompromising because of its inability to achieve its stated objectives of the war. Now the “Israelis” find themselves stuck and in trouble.

The latest round of negotiations has resumed in Doha after the Palestinian resistance confirmed its firm positions and conditions in all rounds of negotiations. 

However, it appears the “Israelis'' are continuing with evasion and lying. The office of the “Israeli” Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced that the head of the Mossad returned from the Qatari capital after an initial exchange with the mediators and that “it was agreed after the Doha meeting that a delegation would go to continue negotiations next week, but there are still gaps between the negotiating parties.”

The representative of the Hamas movement in Lebanon, Ahmed Abdel Hadi, said, “There is no change in the basic principles, and there are deliberations and communications with mediators about ending the aggression against our people a success.”

In an interview with Al-Ahed News, Abdel Hadi noted that these deliberations serve the Palestinian people, who are victims of “Israel’s” genocidal war at a time when Tel Aviv is deliberately procrastinating in the negotiations.

According to Abdel Hadi, “Hamas has shown flexibility on some formal issues that may facilitate reaching an agreement, especially on the issues addressed by the response on June 11. Hamas wants to facilitate negotiations and reach a permanent ceasefire agreement without compromising on the basic demands.

“Hamas was clear in its position and stated that the ceasefire would continue as long as negotiations continued, and at the same time, it was ready to confront any aggression.”

Abdel Hadi also touched on reports about the potential deployment of international forces in Gaza as part of a ceasefire agreement. 

“The movement’s position is clear. We completely reject any talk about the day after the aggression,” Abdel Hadi explained. “Managing the Gaza Strip after defeating this fascist aggression is a purely Palestinian matter, upon which our Palestinian people of all sects agree. They will not allow any guardianship or the imposition of any external solutions or equations that detract from their principles based on their pure right to obtain their freedom and self-determination.”

The Hamas representative stressed that “the resistance is strong and cohesive and is capable of dealing with the aggression no matter how long it lasts. It is keen to conclude an agreement that ends the aggression and massacres but within its just demands that achieve the interests of the Palestinian people.”