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UN Orgs Warn of Escalating Health Crisis in Occupied West Bank, Gaza: Disaster Everywhere

UN Orgs Warn of Escalating Health Crisis in Occupied West Bank, Gaza: Disaster Everywhere
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By Staff, Agencies

The World Health Organization [WHO] has expressed deep concern regarding the deteriorating health situation in the occupied West Bank, calling for urgent measures to safeguard civilians and healthcare facilities.

According to their report, over 520 Palestinians, including 124 children, have been martyred, and 5200 others, including about 800 children, have been injured since the “Israeli” aggression in Gaza began.

Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus underscored the organization's plea for the protection of civilians and healthcare infrastructure in the West Bank, stating, “International humanitarian law must be upheld, including the protection of healthcare facilities under all circumstances.”

The WHO highlighted that 480 healthcare facilities in the West Bank have been targeted by “Israeli” attacks since late May. Additionally, “Israel's” increased restrictions on movement within the occupied territories and hindrances to accessing healthcare have exacerbated the crisis. Reports also indicate that health workers have been detained, checkpoints arbitrarily closed, and entire communities subjected to siege.

Carl Skau, deputy executive director of the UN's World Food Program [WFP], described the situation in southern Gaza as a "public health and protection disaster," affecting one million displaced people amid widespread destruction. Skau, after a two-day mission to Gaza, noted the unprecedented challenges faced by humanitarian workers amidst escalating war.

“From the south to the northernmost tip of the Strip, people are traumatized and exhausted,” Skau remarked in a social media post, emphasizing the urgent need for a ceasefire and restoration of dignity for the affected population.