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Iran Warns Negative Consequences of IAEA Resolution Lie with E3

Iran Warns Negative Consequences of IAEA Resolution Lie with E3
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By Staff, Agencies

Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations office in Vienna, Mohsen Naziri Asl, has censured Britain, France and Germany for spearheading a resolution against Tehran at the IAEA, warning that the three European countries will bear responsibility for the negative consequences of the move.

Naziri Asl made the statement at a session of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] on Wednesday after the 35-member body passed a resolution accusing Iran of withholding sufficient cooperation with the agency.

Ratified by 20 votes in favor, two against with 12 abstentions, the resolution proposed by the European troika — also known as the E3 — demands that the Islamic Republic step up its cooperation with the IAEA and provide “technically credible explanations which satisfy the Agency’s questions.”

The resolution also supports the IAEA to pursue its dialogue with Iran to clarify all outstanding safeguards issues.

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this resolution will severely impact the positive atmosphere needed to work on further measures that must be mutually agreed upon by Iran and the agency,” Naziri Asl said.

He further added: “Now, the troika must take responsibility for any consequences because Iran may act accordingly and in full compliance with its rights and obligations.”

Stressing that Iran has shown its interest in words and actions for constructive interaction with the IAEA, the senior diplomat said, “The Islamic Republic is now ready to react to any non-constructive stance and action.”

Naziri Asl also underlined that the anti-Iran resolution cannot divert the international community’s attention from the real intention of the troika, which is to give the "Israeli" entity enough time to continue its genocide in Gaza with impunity, and cannot pressure the Islamic Republic to abandon its right to pursue a peaceful nuclear program.

The Foreign Ministry said the UN nuclear agency’s recent anti-Iranian resolution will not serve to undermine the country’s nuclear development plans

Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran [AEOI], strongly condemned the resolution and said the Islamic Republic will not back down from its inalienable right in the face of political pressures.

Kamalvandi denounced the anti-Iran resolution as a “non-constructive” measure and called on the Western governments to adhere to the “path of interaction and cooperation.”

“Western countries are expected to take the path of interaction and cooperation instead of exploiting international organizations and exerting pressure,” the AEOI spokesman said, adding that “experience must have proved to them that Iran will not give up on its inalienable rights in the face of political pressure.”