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Iran: BRICS Core of Global Efforts to Build Just World

Iran: BRICS Core of Global Efforts to Build Just World
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By Staff, Agencies

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani confirmed that the BRICS group of emerging economies is the core of the international will to build a justice-based world and serve the interests of independent countries.

The BRICS group serves as the “core and engine of a global collective effort for creating a world rooted in justice and safeguarding the interests of independent countries,” he told a meeting held to discuss Iran-Russia relations on Friday.

The Iranian diplomat is in Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan, to take part in the 15th International Economic Forum "Russia-Islamic World: KazanForum 2024".

He said Iran and Russia are determined to make use of BRICS' active and joint capabilities to establish a just world.

De-dollarization would neutralize US sanctions against countries such as Iran and Russia and ease up commercial exchanges among them.

“Our firm will in the BRICS group is to prepare the ground for the joining of other regional and international actors to move more effectively and efficiently in international relations,” he added.

He noted that member states of the BRICS, particularly Brazil, South Africa and India, can help independent countries play a role in creating a just world that will promote peace and welfare of nations across the globe.

Iran officially became a member of the BRICS at the beginning of 2024, five months after it announced its acceptance as full member into the group along with Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Elsewhere in his address, Bagheri Kani extended his congratulations to Russian President Vladimir Putin on his landslide reelection victory and expressed hope Tehran and Moscow will further promote cordial relations in all fields at regional and international levels.

He said Iran is actively participating in the Russia-Islamic World Economic Forum and seeks to make its utmost efforts to remove the obstacles in the way of enhanced cooperation.

Given growing relations between Tehran and Moscow in recent years, the two sides need to turn common capacities into multilateral projects to further boost mutual relations and use the capacities of regional and international countries in this regard, the Iranian diplomat emphasized.