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WSJ: ‘Israel’ Failed to Achieve Goals, Hamas Regrouping North of Gaza and Emerging Everywhere

WSJ: ‘Israel’ Failed to Achieve Goals, Hamas Regrouping North of Gaza and Emerging Everywhere
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By Staff, Agencies

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas is regrouping across the Gaza Strip.

According to the US daily, the “Israeli” forces are again fighting in the areas where they claimed to have defeated Hamas fighters.

“Now, [‘Israeli’] troops are back fighting in the places they vacated,” The Wall Street Journal wrote.

The article cited the recent resumption of the “Israeli” entity’s airstrikes against Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip, which was followed by ground raids against the northern city and the nearby city of Beit Lahia.

Hamas’s fighters “are re-establishing themselves” in northern Gaza, the article noted, saying the group had recently killed at least five “Israeli” forces in those areas.

“You leave and two minutes later, Hamas is back,” Michael Milshtein, a former head of Palestinian affairs for the “Israeli” military intelligence, told the daily.

The “Israeli” spy agency Mossad admitted that it was “surprised” by the operation conducted by the Palestinian Hamas resistance group in early October.

“It’s impossible to build an alternative and create a new situation in Gaza, and at the same time, get out of any area you took,” he added.

The Journal pointed to an underway operation by the “Israeli” military against the southern Gaza city of Rafah, which Tel Aviv has alleged, is aimed at dealing a final blow to Hamas.

“Israeli” analysts speaking to the daily said that the operation would not “deal a decisive blow to Hamas,” noting that the group “can pop up anywhere.”

“It wouldn’t be an end to the war. An end to the war can be achieved only through a political decision by the two sides to agree on a ceasefire,” said Shlomo Brom, a retired “Israeli” brig. gen.

“In this type of war, which is a war against a guerrilla force, I don’t think there are decisive moments,” he added.