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“Israeli” Officers: Hezbollah is Destroying the North

“Israeli” Officers: Hezbollah is Destroying the North
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By Staff

An “Israeli” military affairs commentator, Amir Bohbot, wrote for the Walla! news site that “seven months after the outbreak of the war, reserve officers in the Northern Command are harshly criticizing the ‘Israeli’ army’s policies that failed to prevent Hezbollah from inflicting damage to ‘Israeli’ homes and other civilian infrastructure along the border with Lebanon.”  

The website quoted one of the ‘Israeli’ officers who explained that “much of the public is unaware of the increasing destruction of civilian [settler] homes in the north. Every time the ‘Israeli’ army attacks a cell on the Lebanese side, Hezbollah responds by launching missiles directly toward ‘Israeli’ homes and destroying them. There is nowhere for the people to return to.”

According to Walla!, closed forums in the Northern Command discussed this crisis, with the aim of introducing a formula in the region that will “prevent Hezbollah from hitting homes because this bombing is constantly on the rise, which will require the ‘Israelis’ to wait a long time to carry out large-scale renovations, and in many cases also new construction of homes.”

As part of the response, reserve officers in the Northern Command proposed “increasing the scope and degree of destruction on the Lebanese side every time Hezbollah attacks ‘Israeli’ homes, in proportion to the areas from which the attacks were launched.”

They told the website that “Hezbollah is intentionally working to destroy homes. ‘Israel’ must prevent it from doing so through painful strikes on the Lebanese side, including striking its infrastructure. A much greater pace is required.”

“What is the relationship between Hezbollah attacking chicken farms or wineries and the war? How can the ‘Israeli’ army and the government of ‘Israel’ be a spectator?” the reserve officers wondered.

Furthermore, the website quoted sources in the “Israeli” army who noted that “Hezbollah chooses to intentionally damage the homes of civilians [settlers] in response to the ‘Israeli’ army’s earlier attack on a cell in a Lebanese civilian building. Its attempt, in fact, is to create an eye-for-an-eye equation.

 “The attention of the political establishment and the general staff has been drawn to the seriousness of the issue, and discussions are being held about it to figure out other methods of action that would prevent Hezbollah from continuing to directly fire on civilian [settlers] homes that are not yet fit for habitation.”

Meanwhile, in its coverage of the plight of the displaced settlers, “Israel’s” Globes website published a study based on data collected from 340 former residents from northern occupied Palestine. The study assessed the impact on the settlers’ months after they were evacuated and the battle commenced.

Professor Meirav Ahron-Gutman, who heads the study group, said, “The government and the army did not work according to plan, and they did not seek to find a solution.”

The study concluded that 74% of the settlers in the north would not return without what they described as a “security solution.”

Fires broke out in the “Israeli” settlement of Kiryat Shmona in northern occupied Palestine as a result of Katyusha rockets fired by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon.
“Israeli” media reported that large areas were burning following the missile strikes.