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“Israel” Expects: Hezbollah Ready for War in any Scenario, Redwan Force Is Capable of Invading Us

“Israel” Expects: Hezbollah Ready for War in any Scenario, Redwan Force Is Capable of Invading Us
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By Staff

Hebrew “Israel Hayom” daily warned that “Seven months of ‘Israeli’ attacks have failed to significantly diminish the capabilities of Hezbollah’s special operations Redwan Force.”

The daily reported that the elite Hezbollah unit, which it describes as an “organization”, still possesses the ability to invade parts “Israel” with 200 fighters.

The report went on to explain that “Israel’s” Yoav Gallant excepts an escalation along the Lebanese border despite his claims last month that half of Hezbollah’s leaders in southern Lebanon had been eliminated.

This week, Gallant admitted to the “Israeli” army’s Galilee Division that “the mission here is not complete, and it may be a hot summer.”

The newspaper pointed out that the speeches delivered on Thursday during an academic security conference in the Western Galilee shed light on recent statements by senior “Israeli” leaders.

Tal Barry, head of research at the Alma Research and Education Center, which focuses on navigating security challenges in norther “Israel”, warned that Hezbollah could execute an invasion of a limited area in “Israel” using 100-200 fighter, if the group’s leadership decided to go in this direction.

He also said, “the efficiency of the Redwan Force was not undermined and keeping it away from the border did not harm it.”

According to Barry, “Hezbollah has an army in every sense of the word.”

“[Sayyed] Nasrallah’s army can deal with the killing of many fighters,” he added. Barry also said that the number of Hezbollah’s precision weapons grew from hundreds to several thousand.

“Israel” Hayom highlighted Tel Aviv’s assessments that suggest Hezbollah is ready for war in any scenario.

“Whether in the event of a ceasefire in Gaza or in the event of an expansion of the ground maneuver in Rafah, [Sayyed] Nasrallah may step up operations targeting the north, which have already increased in recent months,” the newspaper concluded.