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Sayyed Al-Houthi: Yemen to Target “Israel”-Linked Ships Regardless of Destination

Sayyed Al-Houthi: Yemen to Target “Israel”-Linked Ships Regardless of Destination
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By Staff, Agencies

The Yemeni Ansarullah leader Sayyed Abdul Malik Bareddine Al-Houthi reiterated that the country's forces will target ships of any company related to supplying or transporting goods to “Israel” regardless of their destination.

This is a fourth stage of escalation in retaliation for “the ‘Israeli’ aggression on Rafah” in the southern Gaza Strip, but Yemen is also considering a further “fifth and sixth stage”, he said in a televised speech on Thursday.

Sayyed Al-Houthi further added: “Any ships of any company involved in supply or transporting goods to the enemy and to any destination will be targeted. Any ship transporting goods to enemy ports will be a target for us wherever our hands reach.”

“When we make a decision at a certain stage, it means that we have the capabilities to implement it,” he declared, unveiling that “We are also thinking about the fifth stage now, and we have very important, sensitive, and impactful options against the enemies.”

According to the revolutionary leader, “There are no red lines for us that can hinder us from carrying out our operations.”

Al-Houthi said Ansarullah forces continue to target American, “Israeli”, and British ships linked to the “Israeli” enemy.

He confirmed that the forces carried out 25 operations in the month of Shawwal which began on April 10, during which 71 ballistic missiles and drones were launched.

In parallel, Al-Houthi described “Israel” as “an enemy of the Islamic Ummah”, which poses a danger and a threat to global security and peace.

"The enemy only understands the language of force, and the Ummah needs to focus on the strength of deterrence," he said.

Houthi also called on Arab states to help stop a widening “Israeli” invasion of Rafah, suggesting that they allow Ansarullah use their stocks of weapons and ammunition against “Israel”.

"If any Arab country desires, we are ready to activate the capabilities stored in its warehouses instead of letting them rust or be misused against the enemy.

"The enemy's escalation regarding the Rafah crossing, east of Rafah, and the expected threat to the rest of Rafah must be met with greater action at all levels," he underlined, pointing out that “the occupation of the Rafah crossing does not target only the Palestinian people but is also a show of force against the Egyptian people and army.”

Sayyed Al-Houthi mentioned that “Whenever the enemy escalates, we should escalate even more at all levels and activities,” adding that the Islamic Ummah needs to achieve a deterrent capability against their enemies to fend off danger

“Events and evidence unequivocally indicate the importance of reviving conscious spiritual Jihad within the Islamic Ummah," he said.

Sayyed Al-Houthi said with what's happening in Gaza, "it's astonishing that some regimes negotiate security agreements with America for protection", apparently referring to reports that the US and Saudi Arabia were finalizing a "mega-deal".

According to US media reports, the agreement would "tie together the futures of Saudi Arabia, ‘Israel’ and Gaza".

The Ansarullah leader said the US clearly encouraged the “Israeli” occupation of the Rafah crossing, prepared the conditions for it, and is a partner in all crimes of the occupying regime.

"The US pretends to pressure the enemy on Rafah after providing it with a huge stockpile of bombs and weapons.

"No one should be deceived by the American position as it is an actual partner in all the genocide crimes in Gaza and plays a primary role in the occupation of the Rafah crossing," Sayyed Al-Houthi said.