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Irish College Commits to Divest from “Israeli” Firms After Student Protest

Irish College Commits to Divest from “Israeli” Firms After Student Protest
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By Staff, Agencies

Students in the Irish capital have ended their pro-Palestine protest rally after college authorities agreed to divest from “Israeli” companies.

Following a five-day encampment at the campus of Ireland's prestigious Trinity College Dublin TCD in solidarity with Palestinians in the war-torn Gaza Strip, students on Wednesday ended their rally when university administration announced that it had agreed with their demand of divesting from “Israeli” companies.

“An agreement was reached” after “successful talks between the university's senior management and the protestors,” said the university in a statement posted on its website, meaning that TCD would no longer have ties with “Israeli” firms.

In response to TCD’s agreement with the student demand, which is echoing similar moves on US campuses, Laszlo Molnarfi, president of the institution’s student union, said the university’s statement was a “testament to grassroots student-staff power”.

Over the past few weeks, university campuses across the United States have also become the battleground for demonstrations against the apartheid “Israeli” entity’s war on Gaza, resulting in a series of tense and violent encounters.

The students are calling for an end to the “Israeli” entity’s genocidal war on Gaza and demanding schools divest from companies that support the entity.

The apartheid “Israeli” entity has murdered more than 34,844 people, 70 percent of whom women and children, in Gaza since early October, according to the Gaza health ministry.