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“Israeli” Military Analyst Describes Iranian Response as Apocalyptic

“Israeli” Military Analyst Describes Iranian Response as Apocalyptic
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By Staff

Military analyst Alon Ben-David from the "Israeli" newspaper Maariv affirmed that Iran has escalated the conflict against “Israel” to unprecedented levels.

He further argued that “Tel Aviv” must operate under the assumption that Tehran is willing to “risk” a broader campaign.

Ben-David emphasized that any "Israel" public response would potentially escalate into a confrontation with Iran, and possibly lead to a widescale conflict in the northern region.

“Waging a campaign against Iran or Hezbollah would close the door to the possibility of ending the war with Hamas in a victorious manner and impose a death sentence on the detainees who are still alive,” he explained.

Ben-David further explained: “During the Iranian ‘attack’, there were moments of fear at the air bases that were the target of the missiles. Thousands of soldiers entered the protected areas and wondered whether the concrete layers surrounding them would withstand the impact of the heavy missiles.”

“The image of the sky that was reflected on the screens at the Air Force control room on the night between Saturday and Sunday was unlike anything we had seen before in ‘Israel’ or in the world. Hundreds of Iranian drones and cruise missiles were making their way towards us at low altitude. Dozens of Air Force planes flew above them, along with dozens of other Air Force jets, and on the top layer were more than a hundred ballistic missiles. In front of them are dozens of ‘Israeli’ interceptor missiles. As one of the ‘Israeli’ officers put it, the scene was like a picture of ‘Doomsday’.”

He pointed out that the “Israeli” leadership, which foolishly led to the assassination of the Iranian general in Damascus without understanding the expected consequences, is now pretending to “tame” Iran.

The “Israeli” analyst said “the Iranian ‘attack’ that occurred is a fundamental change that requires ‘Israel’ to reconsider its approach in dealing with Iran.”