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Bolton: US- ‘Israeli’ Deterrence a Massive Failure’ against Iran

Bolton: US- ‘Israeli’ Deterrence a Massive Failure’ against Iran
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By Staff, Agencies

Former US "National Security" Advisor, John Bolton, said Iran's retaliatory operation on Saturday night was “a massive failure of ‘Israel’s and American deterrence”.

In an interview with CNN, Bolton said: “What we had tonight was a massive failure of ‘Israeli’ and American deterrence.”

“A 200 ballistic missile cruise and drone failure,” Bolton lamented.

He further underlined that “There should be a response. It should not be proportionate.”

According to the former US official, “It [the response] should be far stronger, because when deterrence fails to reestablish you have to teach the adversary that any gain they may help to get by any future attack will be more than outweighing by the damage that will be cause.”

Bolton also mentioned, “Well, what is what Iran did tonight, I think was most significant was the firing of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles from its territory directly.”

“Almost certainly at this point, none of those missiles contained a nuclear warhead. But you never can tell when the next firing, the next of ballistic missiles might contain a nuclear warhead,” he added.