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Nigerian Police Murder 4, Wound 20+ on Int’l Quds Day

Nigerian Police Murder 4, Wound 20+ on Int’l Quds Day
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By Staff, Agencies

Protesters in Nigeria marched in the country's capital on Friday to rally fresh support for peace in Palestine.

Thousands of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria [IMN], a Shia group, held a peaceful demonstration in the capital city of Abuja, demanding a global voice to end the "Israeli"-Palestinian conflict.

"Stand with the oppressed and against the oppressor," leader of the Shia, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, said in a message at the commencement of the protest.

Zakzaky stated that the peaceful protest was also to mark the International Quds Day and drum up fresh support for peace in Gaza and in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Dozens of vehicles including police patrol team move ahead and behind the protesters.

Spokesperson of the Shia in Nigeria, Profesor Dauda Nalado earlier in a statement accused the US and Nigeria Police of attempting to stop and misinform the world about the intent of the protest.

"The US Embassy in Abuja has released a mischievous letter depicting the planned Quds Day protests of today, Friday, April 5, as confrontational," Nalado said.

He said the protesters did not plan to use confrontation except if there is an attack by the security operatives.

Relatedly, Sheikh Aliyu Tirmizhi, representative of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky in Kaduna State in Northwestern Nigeria confirmed that so far, four people have been martyred and more than 20 wounded after members of the Police Force opened fire at the peaceful International Quds Day protest on Friday.

The Quds Day procession was peaceful and well organized before the team of Nigeria Police Force followed the tail of the procession and opened fire with live bullets, killing four and injuring over 20.

The US Embassy in Nigeria issued a security alert to its citizens in the country to refrain from going to certain areas in the capital on Friday April 5 due to the Shia protest. The police also assured people they will curtail any possible attempt to cause breakdown of law and order.

The Shia members and police had clashed during previous protests including pro-Palestine peace and demand for the release of their leader then in detention. These several clashes have led to the death of dozens of people.

The 2024 Quds Day matches have been conducted peacefully in more than 20 cities across Nigeria including Federal Capital Territory Abuja, except Kaduna State where the Nigerian Police attacked the peaceful annual procession.