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Protests Rock “Israel”: Bibi must Be Removed

Protests Rock “Israel”: Bibi must Be Removed
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By Staff, Agencies

Tens of thousands of “Israelis” joined the families of captives this weekend to protest against the government and call for the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu, as the “Israeli” prime minister grappled with one of the most serious threats yet to his coalition.

The protesters in “Tel Aviv”, Occupied Al-Quds, Haifa, “Be’er Sheva, Caesarea” and other cities on Saturday – and at a further demonstration outside the Knesset- demanded the release of those still held captive in Gaza after close to six months, and labelled Netanyahu an “obstacle to the deal”, vowing to persist until he leaves power.

Netanyahu is entering the most precarious week for his coalition since the war began as a deadline imposed by the “Israeli” supreme court to end the exemption for ultra-Orthodox men from military conscription is reached on Monday.

Naama Lazimi, a member of the Knesset for the center-left Labor party who was at the demonstration, said “Israelis” had come out to protest because they recognized that the government was failing.

The families of captives have urged ministers, including Netanyahu’s political rival and war cabinet minister Benny Gantz, to unite with other MKs in removing Netanyahu from power, accusing the PM of deliberately sabotaging efforts to secure the release of their relatives.