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Sayyed Al-Houthi Ignites the Sea Battle: Indian Ocean is Closed off to “Israeli” ships

Sayyed Al-Houthi Ignites the Sea Battle: Indian Ocean is Closed off to “Israeli” ships
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Ismail Al-Mohaqri 

Yemen’s leader Sayyed Abdul Malik Badr al-Din Al-Houthi unveiled a surprise and initiated a new phase in the naval war supporting Gaza and its valiant resistance.

In a speech at the onset of Ramadan and following weekly Friday marches across all Yemeni governorates, Sayyed Al-Houthi spoke about recent developments in the besieged Gaza Strip.

He said it was absolutely necessary to end the “Israeli” aggression, lift the siege on the people of Gaza, and stop the starvation and the tragedy of children dying from hunger by all possible and legitimate means.

Yemen’s support operations with missiles and drones have not been diminished or halted. Rather, the momentum is growing. Sayyed Abdul Malik said 73 enemy ships were targeted with impressive results that the entire world witnessed.

However, “Israel” remains committed to bloodshed and ugly, brutal, and genocidal war crimes, driven by open American and British support. This support was highlighted by the recent announcement of more arms deals between Britain the Zionist army.

In response, Yemen has inevitably developed methods and diversified its combat tactics to force the Americans and their partners to review their calculations, act in accordance with humanitarian interests and end the crime of the century in Gaza.

The road through the Cape of Good Hope is no longer an option for ships linked to the “Israeli” entity. The arc of fire is complete after Sayyed Abdel Malik unveiled naval missiles that have a range to target “Israeli” vessels crossing the Indian Ocean and those coming from South Africa.

The estimated costs of this development will affect more than just “Israeli” wages and prices and may lead to shortages of imported goods as well as other moral and economic losses.

The US and its destroyers are powerless and cannot do more than they’ve already done. Even if they did, the Americans would not be able to stop operations supporting the Palestinian people or limit Yemeni military capabilities. The Yemeni position on Gaza and the Palestinian cause in general is fixed and will not change because it stems from the foundations of religion and belief and is linked to all human and moral standards.

For their part, American allies failed to advance Joe Biden's strategy. On the contrary, they helped develop Yemen's capabilities and create a complex state of maturation of counterattacks in this trans-oceanic strategy.

With the Yemenis turning to the Indian Ocean and amid the heat of the Lebanese front and the legendary steadfastness of the people in Gaza and its heroic mujahideen, the prospects of the war expanding are growing. Efforts to cool the fronts and reshape the failed political geography of the region are also being stepped up, even if Saudi Arabia accelerates its push to normalize relations with “Israel”.

By deepening Yemen's maritime role, the siege-to-siege equation is being imposed. The remaining American deterrent weapons are being dismantled, and their focal points have been shaken.

The American and British weapons may be nourishing “Israel” and helping revitalize its existence but will not be the tool to complete the chapters of the conspiracy in Gaza and begin spreading dust on the Palestinian cause. The Al-Aqsa Flood operation shattered the image of the enemy entity and its army as an invincible force.