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Preparing for Darkness: If War Breaks with Lebanon, 60% of ‘Israel’ To Remain without Electricity

Preparing for Darkness: If War Breaks with Lebanon, 60% of ‘Israel’ To Remain without Electricity
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If a full-scale war breaks out on “Israel’s” northern front with Lebanon, 60% of the “Israeli” entity will suffer from weeks of power outages, while communities with tens of thousands of residents will need ventilators and respiratory support.

This is one of the potential scenarios that “Israel’s” official broadcaster, Kan, described on Tuesday evening as “terrifying”.

Kan explained that this scenario came from secret recordings of “Israeli” Minister of Health, Uriel Busso, in which he warned of a “terrifying scenario that ‘Israel’ has never witnessed.” He expects long power outages throughout occupied Palestine and voices concern about how to care for settlers connected to artificial respirators.

“This was a very detailed overview of what could happen, in ‘Israel’, in the event of an all-out war on the northern front, according to the National Emergency Authority’s reference scenario,” the Kan report noted. 

Busso and the Director General of his Ministry, Moshe Bar Siman Tov, delivered a presentation of this scenario in detail to the local authorities in “Israel”.

“‘Israel’ should be prepared for blackouts and power outages in more than 60% of the 'country', as well as power outages that will last about 48 hours. Local power outages may last up to three weeks in such a scenario. Managing such an electricity demand may lead to two-hour power outages between two and three times a day in every 'house' in 'Israel',” the official “Israeli” broadcaster added.

According to the Kan report, senior emergency services officials in ‘Israel’ are especially worried about “caring for patients on ventilators and those in need of respiratory support in the event of a widespread and continuous power outage."

The report goes on to explain how the Ministry of Health is preparing to treat a population of 35,000 requiring this type of care.

“The tasks that will be on the shoulders of all organizations in the health institution, health insurance funds, hospitals, and evacuation forces will be large and endless,” Bar Siman Tov said.

Kan indicated that the Ministry of Health has begun procuring generators that will be distributed to those who use respirators and respiratory support devices. In addition, the Ministry of Health asked authorities to establish energy and oxygen centers in local stations.