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US Leads the Genocide in Gaza

US Leads the Genocide in Gaza
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By Dr. Marwa Osman

With the escalation of the armed confrontations between the Zionist ‘Israeli’ occupation forces and the Palestinian resistance movements mainly in the Gaza enclave, the United States of America began taking procedural steps to strengthen military support for its Zionist allies, in parallel with US President Joe Biden delivering a speech, on October 10, 2023, in which he affirmed the continuation of this support and attacked the Hamas Resistance movement. Through it, he warned “third parties” against interfering in the war directly meaning Hezbollah in south Lebanon. Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced that the US aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford had arrived in the eastern Mediterranean. It also announced that military equipment has already arrived to occupied Palestine.

This is the second time that the ‘Israeli’ entity has requested urgent help from the United States since its establishment on the land of Palestine in 1948. The first was during the October War of 1973, but the difference between the first and the second is extremely important in terms of significance. In the first, ‘Israel’ was facing two regular Arab armies, “Syria and Egypt,” on wide fronts, and in the second, it faced resistance with very modest capabilities confined to the small and besieged Gaza Strip. It is a difference that proves the theory of the erosion of the Zionist “invincible” ‘Israeli’ power now afflicting this entity, compared to the upward trajectory line of the Palestinian resistance.

Comparing Gaza in 1987, “the First Intifada,” when stones and slingshots were the only means to confront the ‘Israeli’ army, to Gaza today in the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” where planning, training, weapons, missiles, military tactics, the ability to storm illegal colonial settlements, and the mastery of media warfare emerged. We find the difference indicating that the time factor was not in favor of the Zionist entity as it had thought.

Hence why the visit of US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, on Thursday October 12, to occupied Palestine, was intended to be loaded with more than one message, and in more than one direction, even if it was originally planned in advance, since before the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” as part of the American efforts that were accelerating at the time the normalizing relations between some Arab regimes and the ‘Israeli’ entity. But the war on Gaza forced a change in the schedule of the visit, which included a meeting with the prime minister of the enemy government, Benjamin Netanyahu, and senior officials in ‘Tel Aviv,’ including political and military leaders, which represents an extension of the positions and steps taken by the American administration in the days following the “flood,” the most obvious of which was, President Joe Biden's speech, in which he declared his support for the Zionist entity, without any reservation.

The US administration is not hiding its direct role in managing the battle politically, security-wise and on the ground. The US State Department has undertaken a broad communications campaign with most countries in the world to prevent any positions condemning ‘Israeli’ brutality, while the Commander of the Central Region of the US Army [CENTCOM] General Michael Corella, is in charge of direct coordination with the Chief of Staff of the occupation army. Even high-ranking officers and experts from US military intelligence arrived in ‘Tel Aviv’ according to the Lebanese Al-Akhbar daily and joined an operations room at the headquarters of Intelligence Unit 504, affiliated with the ‘Israeli’ Military Intelligence Authority.

This American military demonstration in support of the ‘Israeli’ entity may suggest that the United States of America is on its way to actually engaging in the war alongside its strategic ally. But a closer examination of the circumstances that accompanied these movements, as well as the complex internal American, regional and international circumstances, suggests that the opposite is true.

By threatening to use force, Washington is trying as much as it can to avoid risky involvement in a new military confrontation, especially if this confrontation is in the Middle East. Perhaps from here, we can explain the reasons for the keenness of President Joe Biden, along with some American institutions, such as the War and State departments, to deny the existence of indicators suggesting that Iran is a major party in the current confrontation, after a report by the Wall Street Journal indicated, on October 9, the green light for the military operation was given during a meeting between leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Hamas movement in Beirut, on the 2nd of the same month, and that planning for the operation began about two months ago.

This substantial US move comes to prevent the outbreak of a broader confrontation and gives the Americans the chance to intimidate those whom ‘Israel’ fears, with an operational dimension rather than a political dimension aimed at demonstrating support. The estimate here is not based solely on Blinken's visit; the latter is only one of the indicators that continue to flow, starting with political, military, logistical and financial support, all the way to direct intervention in the course of the battle, which confirms that Washington is actually managing the war, and deciding its pace, extent, controls and scope.

For instance, the aircraft carrier USS "Gerald Ford", which arrived Wednesday October 11 at night off the coast of the eastern Mediterranean with 5 warships, has become linked to the operations room of the Zionist occupation army. A crew is reportedly participating in the ongoing planning for the possible ground attack on the Gaza Strip and to thwart the possibility of the confrontation expanding to include Hezbollah or the rest of the forces of the Axis of Resistance.

It was noteworthy that Washington responded to the enemy’s request to raise the threat level against Iran and Hezbollah to deter them from supporting the resistance in Gaza. A senior Pentagon official directed threats to Hezbollah, warning it of “the consequences of making a wrong decision to open a second front with ‘Israel’,” saying: “We are deeply concerned about the possibility of Hezbollah making the wrong decision by choosing to open a second front in this conflict.”

The ‘Israeli’ entity military buildup on the Strip’s borders indicates the enemy’s intention to carry out massive ground offensive operations. However, sources from within the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza claimed that the enemy is afraid of advancing his armored forces to the border area with the Gaza Strip and is keen to remain more than 15 km away as a minimum.

This means that ‘Israel’ is adopting a scorched earth policy in the border region of Gaza and is carrying out an annihilation of entire areas such as eastern Shujaiya, Beit Hanoun, and eastern Khan Yunis for that matter.

This Zionist maneuver signals that the military campaign may continue for weeks, as the resistance leadership in the Gaza Strip received information originating from Cairo indicating that the enemy informed Egypt that its operations would continue for a long time. The Egyptian side also heard ‘Israeli’ words that the siege on the Gaza Strip would expand to include everything, and that ‘Tel Aviv’ would not allow the entry of humanitarian aid convoys prepared by the Egyptians, while threatening to strike it militarily.

Most of the Resistance media spoke of an ‘Israeli’ occupation plan to expand the circle of destruction to force about half a million residents of the Gaza Strip to leave. The ‘Israelis’ asked Egypt to open the Rafah crossing to facilitate their exit to Egypt, but Cairo refused and announced the closure of the crossing until further notice. Contacts were made with the United Nations to expand the spaces that receive the people of the Gaza Strip whose homes were destroyed in random raids. However, as evident through Blinken’s statements while on his visit to ‘Tel Aviv,’ the US is exerting great pressure on the Egyptian government to create a border buffer zone with the Gaza Strip to which displaced people from Gaza can move. The Americans told the Egyptians that their refusal to open the roads to the displaced makes them partners in bearing responsibility for their fate.

The Axis of Resistance, however, is convinced that the arrival of the American aircraft carrier will neither advance nor delay the course of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” battle, because it is simply useless due to the nature of the battle. Destroying a residential tower in Gaza or killing civilians does not require smart bombs or weapons imported from Washington. The United States is waving military force to reassure the ‘Israelis’, deter the parties of the Axis of Resistance and prevent them from interfering and opening other fronts. At the same time, securing a supply line that guarantees ‘Israel's’ cohesion if the fronts are opened, while standing guard for the Zionists to continue their genocide against the Palestinians besieged in Gaza.

The United States’ involvement in the battle to defend the Zionist ‘Israeli’ occupation, perhaps directly under the pretext that among the prisoners held by the resistance in Gaza are American citizens, means only one thing to the Axis of Resistance, which is that the American administration has made its soldiers and bases in the Middle East a legitimate target. If the US keeps guard of the genocide whilst banning international and regional aid from arriving to Gaza as the Zionist occupation prepares ground invasion, then the United States just might get a taste of their own of October 7th somewhere they might never expect.