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“Israel” Fears Information Reaching Hezbollah Regarding the Weakness of Gaza Border Fence 

“Israel” Fears Information Reaching Hezbollah Regarding the Weakness of Gaza Border Fence 
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Translated By Staff

“Israeli” authorities are reportedly concerned about weak “defensive” measures along the border fence with the Gaza Strip following damage to the infrastructure there. Local media are quoting security sources that describe the flaws as “very serious”. 

“In the past three days, very serious damage has been inflicted on the defense infrastructure along the border with the Gaza Strip, including damage to the fence, especially in the northern part,” said the security sources quoted by the military correspondent for Walla website, Amir Bohbot. 

According to these sources, a preliminary investigation showed that “Israeli” forces on the ground were surprised by the strength of the explosive devices that were detonated near the outer wall and fence. 

“The size of the explosion and the damage to the infrastructure could also lead to an infiltration attempt,” one of the “Israeli” sources warned. 

The same security sources pointed out that Hamas Movement has proven that it is capable of transferring large quantities of explosive materials to the fence, under the watchful eye of observatories, without disturbance or opposition from the army. 

According to Bohbot, “Israeli” warplanes launched an air strike on a Palestinian resistance watchtower along the Gaza Strip border, on the eve of the Jewish New Year. 

“Despite that, violent riots broke out again on the border yesterday when Palestinians once again detonated explosive devices and created a hole in the fence,” the Walla correspondent said. 

Additional criticism was directed at the behavior of “Israeli” forces in the field at a time when Hamas is thought to be examining the army’s response system and the engineering quality of the fence and defensive infrastructure. 

A security source told Walla website that “information about the size of the explosive materials and the damage to the fence will be transferred to other sectors, and most certainly to Hezbollah in Lebanon. There is similar infrastructure along the border in the north.” 

The website noted that “Israeli” intelligence “indicated a few days before the holiday that Hamas intends to conduct violent riots at several outposts along the border. 

“Due to the volume of intelligence information and sensitivity prior to the holiday, Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi arrived at the Gaza Division to examine the readiness of the forces on the ground and for extreme situations.” 

Walla’s assessment is that Halevi’s inspection further highlights “recent tension in the region and the increasing potential for security deterioration.” 

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the “Israeli” government’s activities in the [Palestinian] territories announced on Sunday evening that the opening of the “Erez” crossing for Gaza’s workers into the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 has been postponed for an additional 24 hours.

Walla reported that this decision was made following a session to assess the security situation and in accordance with the directives of the war minister and Chief of Staff. The conclusion was that the reopening of the crossing would depend on assessments of the situation in the region.