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Netanyahu: ‘Israeli’ Protestors Joining Forces with Iran, PLO

Netanyahu: ‘Israeli’ Protestors Joining Forces with Iran, PLO
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By Staff, Agencies

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu departed early Monday morning for a visit to the United States, starting in the state of California and then to New York City for the United Nations General Assembly.

"I am now leaving for the UN General Assembly where I will represent ‘Israel’ before the nations of the world,” the Zionist premier told reported at the ‘Ben Gurion’ Airport.

“There have always been demonstrations in favor of ‘Israel’ and against ‘Israel,’” Netanyahu claimed, in response to ‘judicial’ reform protests that were planned during his speech at the UN.

“But this time we see demonstrations against ‘Israel’ by people affiliated with the PLO, Iran, and others,” Netanyahu said in reference to the usual protests by the ‘enemies of ‘Israel’’, as well as the Zionist settlers that will protest against the current government’s ‘judicial’ reform.

“Nothing is surprising anymore, but that will not prevent me from representing ‘Israel’ brilliantly,” he added.

Former Zionist war minister and ‘National Unity’ opposition party chairman, Benny Gantz, also responded to the events, voicing favor for the protests, saying “it's no secret that these shared values are now at the center of the dispute between us and the US due to the coup led by the government and which continues to tear ‘Israel’ apart from the inside.”

“The prime minister has the responsibility to reflect the reality as it is. That's how it should be between friends and partners,” Gantz argued, but he also warned of regional events.