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Trump Beats Biden in New 2024 Election Poll

Trump Beats Biden in New 2024 Election Poll
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By Staff, Agencies 

A new poll by CBS News published on Sunday revealed that former US President Donald Trump receiving more votes than incumbent President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Both politicians have announced their election campaigns for next year.

Participants of the survey responded to the following question: "Who will you vote for in the 2024 presidential election?" Of the responses, 50% said they would vote for Trump, while 49% said they would vote for Biden.

However, other aspects are emerging from the poll that appear to be far more concerning for the next president.

For example, one concern is the old age of the two politicians involved, and although the age difference between both is only two years, 55% said that Trump can finish a full second term, compared to 34% who said the same about Biden. Some 43% said only Trump is physically healthy enough to serve as president, while 16% said only Biden. Another 12% said both of them are healthy enough, while 29% said neither of them are.

The poll also concluded that the US president needs to be tough, caring, "no-nonsense, calm, and energetic," according to the most popular answer from participants. The CBS report states that Trump is described as "no-nonsense."

Both politicians' leadership style is compared in the poll, with Biden's being described as calm, predictable, tolerant, and caring. Trump is described as provocative, tough, energetic, no-nonsense, and entertaining.

Furthermore, the poll showed 64% of respondents saying that another round between Trump and Biden is proof that the US political system is broken, whereas 36% said that such a choice indicates that the primary voters are out of touch with the will of the public.

Nearly 75% of the poll's voters voiced their belief that the fate of democracy depends on who wins next year, according to CBS.