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Sayyed Nasrallah: I will not forget the name ’’Peretz’’

Sayyed Nasrallah: I will not forget the name ’’Peretz’’
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Source: Compiled by, 03-05-2007

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah inaugurated Wednesday the 2nd Arab and international book fair organized by the Islamic Education Association "Islamic Maaref" in Beirut`s southern suburb. Political, religious and public figures attended the opening. Speeches focused on the necessity to give heed to education as a means of resistance, particularly in a country that has been subject not only to military aggression, but to negative intellectual invasion as well.

In his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah praised Almighty Allah for granting us success to hold this book fair, despite of the hard circumstances which Lebanon in general faced in 2006, especially this very hall that was destroyed by "Israeli" fire during its war against Lebanon. His eminence said that this is a sincere expression for the will of life and steadfastness. The secretary general added that the effort to realize this book fair is a manifestation of seriousness and optimism in the future.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that the entrance to sovereignty is independence. "When there are an independent people, independent in their thought, will and ability to survive, make life and development, they can be their own masters and they can be free," he said.

Education & Knowledge

He added that education and knowledge make us an independent nation. "The most important elements of confrontation are research and planning centers, and not only the government and its institutions. Governments in the world encourage such centers and make use of them. However, unfortunately this is not found in our Arab world. We have become the richest nation in the world, yet the most illiterate, subordinate and ignorant nation at a time we have every resource we need." Sayyed Nasrallah said that there is an old political decision to keep this nation ignorant and unable to rise, so as to remain subordinate. "The first accused in this, are those who govern this nation and rule over its resources," he added.

The Oil Occupation-War

His eminence read excerpts from an article by the "Economist" magazine which was quoting British Petroleum officials as saying that the world`s oil reserve is estimated to be 1.2 trillion barrels in 2005. He said that what`s important in the statistics was that Libya will continue to produce oil for 62 years, Saudi Arabia for 66 years and Iraq, Kuwait and UAE for the 100 years to come, whereas Islamic nations will continue to produce oil for the next 92 years.

"Oil is practically concentrated in Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile the United States` oil reserve as well as China`s will cease to exist in the coming 12 years, while Russia`s oil reserve will run out in the next 21 years. So this is how we understand what is really going on in the region," Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized. He explained that when the west anticipates a close end to its oil reserve at a time Iraq will continue to produce oil for the coming 100 years, it means that the American project to spread democracy is a flagrant lie. "It`s not about defending human rights. The United States supported and protected dictatorships for more than 100 years.

 The United States is behind Iraq`s invasion of Kuwait and paved the way for its fleets to come to our region from every part of this world. I have said before that the war against Iraq will lead to civil war. This was based on studies made by US and ‘Israeli' research centers. It clearly said that the goal is to directly control Iraqi oil reserves on the one hand and protect ‘Israel' on the other. This is interpreted today, however we only give heed to skin-deep analyses while the US and ‘Israel' plan for the future. Their goal is to destroy Iraq and transform the Iraqi people into refugees in neighboring countries."
Sayyed Nasrallah stressed the United States is facing stalemate in Iraq because it knows that to control this region, the spirit and will of the resistance must be crushed. "As long as there is resistance in the region, the United States will not be able to control our resources. First it must crush resistance movements, enhance ‘Israel's' superiority and create subordinate regimes in the region."

His eminence added that this is how "Israel's" 2006 war against Lebanon can be understood. "The goal was to totally destroy all aspects of resistance, which is by far graver that the terms "disarm the resistance." In this sense, the comprehensive war against resistance movements in the region was launched. The enemy has one project and one coordinated administration. We fight each in his position, and if we cannot fight together, then let us analyze the situation together," Sayyed Nasrallah said.


On the findings of the Winograd Commission probing "Israeli" failures in the "Second Lebanon War", Sayyed Nasrallah said that the commission decided on the issue of victory and defeat. He said the word "failure" prompted Olmert to acknowledge his administration`s failure to handle the war.
Hizbullah`s chief however showed respect for "Israeli" leaders who give heed to their captured soldiers, whether dead or alive.

"This is ‘Israel' fighting for its wrong existence and this is us being insincere to our rights. "Israel" is a country that`s existence relies on its military might and terrorism, nevertheless it cannot tolerate an incompetent leadership that jeopardizes its existence. "Israel" is ready to sacrifice 1000 Olmerts for the sake of its existence, and we respect that the probing panel commissioned by Olmert himself condemned him. We respect that political and popular powers swiftly moved to save their country, while unfortunately in Lebanon, neither an investigation was made nor a probing panel was formed and those who achieve an historic victory got stabbed in the back."

Sayyed Nasrallah concluded that he will not to rejoice at the misfortune of Olmert and Peretz or anyone else. "If Peretz said that Nasrallah will not forget his name as long as he shall live, I say that I will never forget that name because it gave us the opportunity to score an historic victory on ‘Israel'."

Hizbullah`s Nasrallah Respects "Israel"

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said he respects "Israel" for issuing a damning report on last year`s war against Lebanon.
"It is worth every respect when an inquiry commission ... is appointed by ("Israeli" Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert ... and it condemns Olmert," Nasrallah said at a book fair in Beirut`s southern suburbs, a Hizbullah stronghold.
"I will not stand here to rejoice at the misfortunes of Olmert, War Minister Amir Peretz and former army Chief Dan Halutz," he said.

"One can only respect the butchers` enemy leaders ... when they work day and night for their prisoners," he added.
On Monday, the inquiry accused Olmert, Peretz, Halutz and "Israel's" top brass of "serious failure" in handling the 34-day war sparked by Hizbullah`s capture of two "Israeli" soldiers.
"They study their defeat in order to learn from it," said Nasrallah.

Report `confirms` Hizbullah victory

"Sadly we wait for an "Israeli" commission to tell us we have won," Nasrallah said, criticizing those in Lebanon and elsewhere who questioned Hizbullah`s victory in the conflict.

"It is worth every respect when a commission appointed by Olmert condemns Olmert," Nasrallah said at the opening of a book fair in Dahiyeh.
Referring to a lack of accountability among Arab leaders, Nasrallah said that compared to the "other side," the level of commitment and faithfulness the "Israeli" commission had displayed to "Israel" was cause to respect it. He said he respected Zionist leaders who work ceaselessly to ensure the release of their prisoners, dead or alive.

"`Israel` is committed and faithful to its own existence. ‘Israel's' existence is linked to its military might and terrorizing its neighbors, it cannot forgive an incapable leadership. The Winograd Commission was faithful to ‘Israel's' existence, they are ready to sacrifice one hundred Olmerts for [‘Israel's'] survival," Nasrallah said.

He said Arab and Muslim states should study both "Israel's" defeat and its victory as well as Hizbullah`s victory over "Israel" to garner lessons from experience.
He said "Israel" was studying its own defeat in order to learn from it, in contrast with the Lebanese, who he said had failed to recognize their victory in order to study it or learn from it.

"Olmert`s aim was to destroy the resistance, not merely disarm it, but to destroy its spirit, its economy, its determination, women, children, homes and our ability to rise again," he added.