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In Al-Quds and the West Bank the Decision Rests with the Resistance’s Rifle

In Al-Quds and the West Bank the Decision Rests with the Resistance’s Rifle
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By Mostafa Awada

Beirut – The areas of the occupied West Bank and al-Quds [Jerusalem] has been witnessing a noticeable escalation in special operations. The Palestinian Information Center [PIC] documented 859 resistance operations in the West Bank and al-Quds during August, resulting in the killing of five Zionists.

An example is the shooting operation carried out by the 20-year-old martyr Mohannad al-Mazraa near the “Ma'ale Adumim” settlement in occupied al-Quds, which resulted in the serious and moderate injuries of six “Israeli” settlers. On the other hand, the 27-year-old martyr Kamel Abu Bakr carried out a shooting operation in “Tel Aviv” on August 5, killing one “Israeli” police officer and injuring two others. Another resistant fighter carried out a shooting operation in the town of Hawara in Nablus, at point-blank range, killing two Zionist settlers.

In this context, the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad [PIJ] movement in Ramallah, Saeed Nakhla, emphasized that “the escalation in the pace of operations has put the occupation in a state of constant anticipation and confusion,” adding, “It carries several fiery messages, the most prominent of which is the reaffirmation of the resistance option and the refusal to raise white flags or surrender; and the [‘Israeli’] occupation's attempts to eliminate the state of resistance are futile”.

In an interview with al-Ahd News website, Nakhla said, “The Palestinian people, regardless of their factional affiliations, standing behind the resistance for which there is no alternative, is one of the fundamental reasons for the development of the resistance work”.

“Peace agreements or security coordination cannot be reached with a party that invades, kills, and arrests the Palestinian people, and we cannot remain idle in the face of such actions,” he the Palestinian leader went on to say.

In this context, Nakhla reiterated that “the resistance in all its forms continues to defend the Palestinian people despite being persecuted by the ‘Israelis’ and their followers”. He also pointed out that “those who defend all parts of Palestine won’t cause a rift in the social and societal fabric that rejects the Zionist occupation”.

Regarding the enemy’s use of “security coordination” in the West Bank to target resistance fighters, Nakhla reassured the Palestinians that “what some parties are doing in terms of pursuing and arresting resistance fighters at the behest of the ‘Israeli’ occupation and the United States will not be of any benefit, as the resistance’s rifle will remain to be aimed only at the Zionists, and there will be no Palestinian-Palestinian retaliation”.

Nakhla concluded by emphasizing that “the resistance operations, especially individual ones, against the Zionist regime, embody the meaning of national unity. They serve as a motivation to mobilize all Palestinian factions, fostering solidarity and cooperation towards liberation, which we see as imminent given the enemy's evident failures at various levels and the power struggles within the ‘Israeli’ entity”.