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Palestinian Resistance Praises Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech: It Emphasizes the Interconnectedness of Fronts

Palestinian Resistance Praises Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech: It Emphasizes the Interconnectedness of Fronts
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By Al-Ahed News

Gaza, Occupied Palestine – The Palestinian resistance factions praised the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in which he vowed to respond to any “Israeli” assassinations inside Lebanese territory.

During his speech on Monday [28,8,2023] marking the anniversary of the Second Liberation, the Secretary General pointed out that “any assassination on Lebanese soil that affects any Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian, Iranian or any other [nationality] will certainly have a tough response; we will not allow Lebanon to be an arena for assassinations, and we will not accept at all a change in the existing rules of engagement”.

Moreover, His Eminence stressed that, these “Israeli” threats do not make the Resistance retreat,” adding that “neither the threat nor the implementation of the threat will weaken the Resistance, but rather increase its stubbornness and determination”.

Senior Hamas leader Ismail Radwan appreciated the statement of Sayyed Nasrallah in which the Secretary General emphasized a clear message to the Zionist occupation not to allow the assassination of any personality on Lebanese soil and that the response would be harsh.”

Speaking to al-Ahed News, Radwan added that “these statements underscore the Resistance’s unity of the squares and the interconnectedness of the fronts”, noting that “Today, the Resistance is engulfed with a high level of coordination in response to the [‘Israeli’] occupation’s crimes”.

Radwan went on to say, “The [‘Israeli’] occupation demonstrates through its statements that it has failed to stop the Resistance – which has dealt it severe blows – in the West Bank,” and continued that the “Israelis” are in a state of political, security and military confusion.

The Hamas official asserted that “targeting [Saleh] al-Arouri or any of Resistance leader will be met with a harsh, firm and unprecedented response”.

Radwan pointed out that “The Resistance is united in the defense of our sanctities, the al-Aqsa and our people”.

For his part, Islamic Jihad leader Taher al-Swerki said that “Sayyed Nasrallah’s important speech was timely and his message to the [‘Israeli’] occupation has been delivered that there will be a tough response to any folly it might commit”.

“The enemy is cowardly and cunning and can carry out threats, but it knows the Resistance very well; the Resistance is united in all arenas. If the enemy commits any folly, the response will be appropriate as it was in the Huwara and al-Khalil [Hebron] operations”.

Moreover, the Secretary General of the Palestine Popular Resistance Committees [PRC] Ayman Al-Shashniya said that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech contained clear references to the strength and the growth of the Lebanese Resistance.

He added, “We are not safe from the enemy’s deception and the Palestinian Resistance and fronts unanimously agreed to be wary of the enemy’s tyranny”.

“If the [‘Israeli’] occupation decides to assassinate of any leading figure from the Resistance, I believe the Resistance has given a clear indication that there will be a surprise response to the enemy on the scale of the assassination,” the PRC chief said.

In the same notion, Khaled Abu Hilal, Secretary General of the Palestinian Freedom Movement said, “Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech confirms that any upcoming battle with the [‘Israeli’] occupation will be on multiple fronts and arenas, and that the Axis of Resistance is united in the face of the enemy”.

Abu Hilal added, “This serious and responsible statement from Sayyed Nasrallah adds qualitative strength to the Palestinian national position and sends a clear warning to the occupation”.

“I believe that the Palestinian position today at its strongest,” he said, adding “the ‘Israelis’ has come to realize that any assassination attempt will be responded to on all fronts”.

The Palestinian Freedom Movement’s SG further stated, “This has given immunity to the Palestinian leadership in Lebanon as well as in all its whereabouts; this obliges the [‘Israeli’] occupation to reconsider its calculations before any foolish and cowardly act”.