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“Israel” Helpless Against Palestinian Resistance Momentum

“Israel” Helpless Against Palestinian Resistance Momentum
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By Mohammad Youssef

The Palestinian resistance forces have intensified their operations against the “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF] in the West Bank since the beginning of the year. This has led to the killing of 36 “Israeli” soldiers and settlers so far.

This comes at a time when the different Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip, especially those belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are accumulating military strength and expertise and coordinating efforts altogether to form a well-connected unified front between Gaza and the West Bank.

Developing and generating new arms to be added to the Palestinian arsenal, namely rockets and drones, are basic tasks that Hamas and Jihad are working day and night to achieve.

More importantly, the courageous Palestinian soul and the unshakable determination to fight the occupation everywhere in Palestine, especially among the new generation is causing despair and frustration to the “Israeli” leadership, whether political or military. The “Israelis” are in a real crisis as they do not know what to do to stop the resistance operations. All their intelligence efforts and military expertise prove futile and useless.

Contrary to this, at the Palestinian side the operations are gaining more popularity and sending waves of confidence and self-trust within the Palestinian as a whole.

“Israel’s” image worldwide and inside Palestine is deteriorating. Thousands of “Israeli” settlers and families are leaving the temporary existence and moving abroad for good, especially to the United States and Europe, many others are also considering leaving in the near future as they are convinced that have no future in occupied Palestine. Young “Israelis” are refusing to join the army or the military and security apparatuses.

New movements that encourage “Israelis” to leave are in the making now.

Never before has this feeling of insecurity among the “Israelis” been stronger and more intense.

At the Palestinian front, more than any time in the past, the Palestinian dream of total victory is approaching. This dream is not a kind of illusion, but it is built on solid ground that was made by the Palestinian people through its continuous struggle to liberate their country.

Once again, the western conspiracy in our countries is in a crisis, all the American and European open support in all levels was not enough to supply “Israel” with reasons to survive.

All this and we are only talking about one front, the Palestinian one, what if we shifted to calculate the impact of the Resistance Axis stretching to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen!