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Islamic Unity Week 2023


The 2nd Liberation: When Blood Writes the Tale of Victory

The 2nd Liberation: When Blood Writes the Tale of Victory
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By Mohammad Youssef

Every year at this time, Lebanon observes the anniversary of the Lebanese victory by the Islamic resistance- Hezbollah against the takfiri groups in the eastern part of Lebanon, this is the second great victory after the liberation of south Lebanon and western Bekka that the resistance achieved, protecting Lebanon and the Lebanese.

The takfiri groups supported by the Americans and many Arab retrogressive countries and some Lebanese groups who supported them and paid visits to Ersal heights and rejected the idea that the Lebanese army fight the takfiris.

Those takfiris represented a great danger to the country as they not only occupied Lebanese territories but they started to carry criminal aggressions against the Lebanese army and people. In Arsal, they executed many soldiers of the Lebanese army, they equally kidnapped and killed many Lebanese civilians as well. Many rocket attacks were launched Bu these groups against many different villages and towns in Bekaa, the regions of Hermel, rad Baalbeck, Labweh, Nahleh Brital, and Nabi chit were repeatedly targeted by the rocket attacks.

Several booby-trapped cars were also detonated in different parts of the country, mainly the southern suburb of Beirut where scores of people were killed or wounded.

The continuous culminating aggressions were associated by real threats directed to Lebanon and the Lebanese through the takfiri leaders of launching attacks against villages and towns to capture them and put them under the takfiri authority.

The Lebanese army was not given any permission by the government to properly defend themselves or even to launch a counter attack against the takfiris, and this made Lebanon lose a precious opportunity to eradicate them, this also at the same time gave the takfiris the opportunity to consolidate their grip over the region, and this caused huge losses in lives and properties before the liberation was achieved by Hezbollah fighters in the Islamic resistance.

This resistance has proved again through this victory against the takfiris its readiness and efficiency to defend Lebanon against all threats of every kind. Hundreds of martyrs sacrificed themselves to secure protection and to preserve the dignity liberation and sovereignty of Lebanon.

Blessed are the peace and victory makers.