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Sayyed Nasrallah: We all lost him, those who agreed with him and those who did not

Sayyed Nasrallah: We all lost him, those who agreed with him and those who did not
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Source:, 13-02-2007

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hasasn Nasrallah said that sequence of events taking place ever since martyr Rafik Hariri was assassinated, constitutes an additional witness to the importance and magnitude of the martyr.

 In an article published in today's edition of the Assafir daily titled "We all lost him, those who agreed with him and those who did not".

The following is the full text of the letter:

"Two years have passed since the earth shattering assassination violently shook Lebanon, nearly blowing it up. The repercussions of this grave incident remain strongly present in the sequence of events taking place, which in itself is an additional witness to the importance and magnitude of the Premier martyr Rafik Hariri (God`s mercy be with him).
During the last year of his life, I had the opportunity to be in constant liaison with him. Over months we held our weekly meetings away from eyes and ears.
The hours spent during meetings turned political interlocutors to friends and loved ones. Yes, we were otherwise in a deep and long difference, but good will, frankness and honesty helped us through discussions and assessments of the previous phase, enabling us to state our pros and cons and for the Martyr PM to state his.
During the last year of the martyr`s life, we both had the chance to establish a solid base for a clear national relationship. Through sincere political dialogue, this relationship - had it continued - could have positively impacted the region based on both sides` relations and friendships.
Yes, we all lost him. With his departure, those who agreed with him lost a strong ally; those who did not lost the sensible and patient interlocutor, whose heart could expand to include even those strongly opposing him.
Yes, we all lost him, because during the period of political divide witnessed in Lebanon at the time, he was the only one capable of forming a bridge between the locally opposing sides of the conflict, a bridge between Lebanon and Syria, while being the networking hub with a great capacity to gather common denominators and build understandings upon them that preserves Lebanon and its national interests.
Just as the martyr Premier`s political life was an axis for a great number of events and developments, especially through his direct presence in the political arena, his martyrdom was also. The Lebanese were unanimous on condemning the crime, on the need to uncover the truth, on the necessity to punish the murderers and on the concern over - but fear for - their country from collapsing due to this shattering earthquake of an event that befell the nation.
The truth has become a unifying national demand, and as the days went by, fears arose over the possible loss of the blood of this great martyr.
Who of us does not want the truth? But even how could we arrive at the truth and none other?
The worst thing that some of us may undertake is to follow a path that would eventually lead to a mystification of facts and to the loss of the real identity of the killers, thus serving their ends.
Oh great martyr...
On the day of your martyrdom, to you we confirm your presence in every conscience, heart and mind. We apologize for our physical absence from your commemoration ceremony at the Martyrs` Square last year and this year, because our fault is that we have refused to accuse without evidence or transform your blood into a weapon to seek revenge with.
Because you were a model of the human that is moved by his mind - not his malevolence - we insist on the mind ruling in a plight controlled by hatreds, bias, vengeance and prejudices, with pre-accusations and judgments, when some make the accusations and proclaim themselves prosecutors, cry of grief and ....
To all the Lebanese I say, and especially to those who love and follow the Premier: Loyalty to this great martyr on the day of his martyrdom is to pledge to achieve the goal he set his gaze upon on the nation`s level.
We all know that Premier Rafik Hariri was defending the unity of Lebanon, land, people and institutions. To show loyalty to him is to show caution and caution others from projects of divisions, cantons and calls to federalism under any consideration, which are the crux of the New American Middle East project.
We all know that Premier Hariri was strongly looking to a state of law and real institutions, of true sovereignty and independence.
We all know that Premier Hariri was extremely careful with Lebanon`s identity and its position in the Arab-"Israeli" conflict. We also all know his position on the resistance and his strenuous efforts in Arab and international communities, to repel aggression, and protect the resistance and its continuation.
On the anniversary of his martyrdom... the true criterion for being near the martyr or far from him is loyalty to what he believed in, and not competing to praise him or to transform his memory into calls for vengeance from presumed suspects without waiting for the completion of the investigation or without a trial."
I Ask God almighty to preserve Lebanon, for which Premier Hariri was martyred, to reveal the truth as it is, bright and clear, for the offenders to be punished and sedition fails. I ask God to inspire his bereaved family with patience with God`s judgment, to surrender to his will and to assist this respectable family to maintain his legacy and great political and humanitarian heritage.