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IRG Chief Cmdr.: We’ve Crushed Enemies’ Bones in All Battles

IRG Chief Cmdr.: We’ve Crushed Enemies’ Bones in All Battles
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By Staff, Agencies

The top commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards [IRG] Major General Hossein Salami stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has crushed the enemies’ bones in all battles.

Salami further underlined that “The enemies are fleeing the region in humiliation.”

He made the remarks on Thursday in an address to a national congress commemorating 2,000 martyrs of the northeastern Iranian city of Sabzevar.

The top commander highlighted that the enemies destroyed Muslim cities in Iraq and Syria by pouring bombs on innocent people and burying children under rubble.

However, he added, martyrs foiled the ominous plots hatched by enemies to target the beliefs of the youth through imposing sanctions on Muslim nations and exerting political pressure by means of the mobilization of their media.

“Today, this land shines in the world and no power can stand up against us, thanks to the blood of the martyrs, who brought us peace,” Salami asserted, noting that “We have crushed the enemies’ bones in all battles. As you can see, they fled the region in humiliation and from now on, they will not have a room in this region.”

The IRG chief commander also noted that the Islamic Republic completely knows the enemies of the Iranian nation and is familiar with their policies and methods.

“We know what the enemies want as well as the depth of their intentions. They want to diminish the divine light…, but they are gravely mistaken as all their conspiracies will definitely fail,” he said.