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The Dawn of the Era of Hezbollah

The Dawn of the Era of Hezbollah
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By Mohammad Youssef

Beirut – Every year on the 25th of May, Lebanon and the Arab and Islamic world observe the Resistance and Liberation Day which marks the historic “Israeli” defeat and withdrawal from Lebanon in the year 2000.

After long years of occupation, “Israeli” enemy forces were forced by the Lebanese Resistance to evacuate their positions and hastily escape from Lebanon towards occupied Palestine.

This humiliating withdrawal under the strikes of the Islamic Resistance [Hezbollah] marked the first defeat of “Israeli” forces in Lebanon and the Arab world.

The “Israelis” along with the western world, mainly the US, have worked for long time to deeply entrench in the Arab conscience that “Israel” is immune to all criticism and vetoes, and its army is an invincible one that has supremacy over all Arab armies.

They wanted to convince people that any resistance to “Israel” is futile and would definitely lose.

The United Nations and the Security Council have never done anything to help Lebanon get rid of the “Israeli” occupation.

The UN resolution 425, which provides that “Israel” should withdraw from occupied Lebanese territories, was there for more than two decades; no real or serious effort has been exercised to put this international resolution into implementation.

The Lebanese people, especially in south Lebanon and west Beqaa, waited years and years without any hope. The Lebanese government and state did not provide them with any help to defend themselves, so they were forced to start the defense by themselves.

Back in 1978, Imam Sayyed Moussa Sadr was the first to start the military resistance against “Israel”. Ever since then, this resistance started to grow bigger and stronger until it reached where it is now.

Our resistance has become mightier, stronger and more efficient that it is capable now, not only of producing formulas of liberation, security and deterrence, but also of posing an existential threat to the very existence of the “Israeli” entity.

The Resistance now has extended its presence and upgraded its efficiency. The Resistance now has an axis that stretches from Gaza to Sanaa, passing through Lebanon, Syria and Iraq reaching to Iran.

The capabilities are important and extremely efficient to stand up to all challenges, be it military, security or economic ones.

The “Israeli” entity and its allies have to make recalculations for all their conspiracies and plots.

History has made its shift and it is a major one. This shift is in favor of the region and its people and not in favor of the apartheid “Israeli” state and its allies.

The whole region now is at the eve of a new historical epoch that might usher in a new era. This era of triumph and steadfastness has one simple strong title; the Resistance.