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Resistance and Liberation May 2023


Hezbollah Possesses Exceptional Capabilities to Confront Its Enemy, Will Enter Palestine – Deputy SG

Hezbollah Possesses Exceptional Capabilities to Confront Its Enemy, Will Enter Palestine – Deputy SG
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By Al-Ahed News

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem commented on the latest wargames the Islamic Resistance staged in South Lebanon.

The group’s second-in-command stressed that this military exercise came to light with precision messages to ‘Israel’, which affirm that Hezbollah is always prepared, fit, and has all the military capabilities, and political and popular competence that helps it integrate within the army, people, and resistance to confront the enemy in daylight and that it will continue its struggle and enter [Palestine].

In an interview with Al-Manar TV, the senior Hezbollah official noted that “The Americans and the Zionists admit that the resistance had developed a number of weapons,” confirming that the “capabilities of the resistance and developing its conditions is a legitimate right for all who confront the Zionist enemy.”

Stressing that Hezbollah owns exceptional power through which it can engage in any battle with the Zionist enemy, Sheikh Qassem mentioned that what has been displayed in the wargame is just a part of what the group has, referring to the precision missiles as well as other weapons.

“The main orientation is that we will “cross the border” [to Palestine], but when and how are subject to the tactics of the battle,” according to Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General, who added that “at a certain time, we considered that using some weapons will lead to a problem, yet the equation has changed today and we declare publicly that we are going to use them.”

The Hezbollah official further affirmed that the resistance group’s potential, capabilities, and liberation are for Lebanon in the first place. “Whoever supported this liberation is a partner in it, whether in Syria, Iran, and Palestine,” His Eminence noted, stressing that “the loss of ‘Israel’ is also a loss of all of its supporters.”

“We’ve learned from 2000 that we must prepare for the future, and we came up with an exceptional power and an unending deterrence after July 2006 war.”

Sheikh Qassem also advised the ‘Israeli’ enemy to pay attention for any folly it might commit.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Hezbollah official voiced support to the unity of the battlefields between all resistance factions, warning the ‘Israeli’ entity that it cannot exceed the equation of deterrence in place. His Eminence pointed to the importance of stability between Arab and Muslim countries in serving the Palestinian interests and those of the entire Ummah.