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Resistance Media Loses One of Its Pillars, Path to Be Continued

Resistance Media Loses One of Its Pillars, Path to Be Continued
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By Mohammad Youssef

The past week the resistance media has lost one of its prominent cadres, one who was among the first generation of the founding fathers of this media, our beloved late brother Hajj Ahmad Khanafer, [may Allah bless him and lay mercy on his soul].

Brother Ahmad was very well known for many generations that joined the media environment.

His beginning started with Sawt Al-Mustadafeen [voice of the vulnerable] Radio station in Baalbek, to continue and join weekly Al-Ahed Newspaper which was the first mouthpiece of Hezbollah, and continues to be via its online publication. He later joined An-Nour Radio station and Al-Manar TV. This made him one of the veterans and the most experienced leaders of the resistance media.

As we mourn him, we remember the first days of the resistance, the beautiful days that marked the beginnings.

All our brothers and sisters who early took part in the media activities were totally dedicated to the cause, and had to make a lot of sacrifices as the situation at the time was extremely tough. All those who were involved were so passionate in their approach and commitment.

Khanafer was among the first who built a reputation in having the much-needed experience of media knowledge and media management, which enabled him to perform very important roles in many media branches.

Brother Ahmad had so many attributes and qualifications that enabled him to become an authority in the field, a real guide, and a source of inspiration for many media experts.

In his farewell, we promise him that we will always be dedicated to the cause and goals he believed in and sacrificed for.

He will always be remembered as a dear brother, a devoted leader, and a beacon of inspiration.

May Allah bless his soul…