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Islamic Jihad Won’t Respond to Any Calming Down Efforts Before ‘Israel’ Pays the Price – Exclusive

Islamic Jihad Won’t Respond to Any Calming Down Efforts Before ‘Israel’ Pays the Price – Exclusive
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By Al-Ahed News

While the Zionist entity is anticipating the Palestinian resistance response to the massacre committed on Tuesday in Gaza, an Islamic Jihad source informed Al-Ahed News website on Wednesday that “The decision now is made in the battlefield to answer the assassination of three Al-Quds Brigades leaders, their wives, and some children in the Gaza Strip.”

“We will not respond to any efforts that seek to calm down the situation before ‘Israel’ pays the price for its crimes,” the Islamic Jihad source told Al-Ahed News.

The ‘Israeli’ occupation military started a sudden aggression that targeted the besieged Gaza Strip, in which it started with assassinating three senior Islamic Jihad military leaders, martyr Tareq Ezzeddine, martyr Jihad Ghanam, and martyr Khalil Al-Bahtini, in addition to several Palestinian citizens that include women and children who were martyred in the ‘Israeli’ airstrikes.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza announced that the ‘Israeli’ airstrikes on Gaza had left 15 Palestinians martyred and 22 others injured since the beginning of the military aggression.

After the attack, the ‘Israeli’ internal front suspended education in the ‘Gaza Envelope’ and Al-Naqab, while settlers were ordered to remain near shelters.

After for than 24 hours on the Gaza massacre, the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime is still waiting for the Palestinian resistance response.

According to observers, postponing the response is a new tactic followed by the resistance to confuse the ‘Israeli’ calculations.

Meanwhile, the ‘Israeli’ regime is still evacuating thousands of Zionist settlers who occupy the settlements located near Gaza.

Several settlements opened shelters to stay in in case the Palestinian resistance factions started their response to the ‘Israeli’ aggression, many roads were blocked, among several other measures.

Additionally, ‘Israeli’ media reported that the entity is preparing for a response from Gaza amid growing fears and ‘Israeli’ government instructions to prepare for the scenario of escalation.