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Resistance and Liberation May 2023


Palestinian Detainee Adnan Is Steadfast in the Battle of Wills… His Wife Talks About His Health Condition

Palestinian Detainee Adnan Is Steadfast in the Battle of Wills… His Wife Talks About His Health Condition
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By Mustafa Awada

Beirut – Leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, the detainee Sheikh Khader Adnan, entered his eighty-first day of hunger strike, which led to a further deterioration of his health condition. He has become more like a skeleton, according to Mohjat al-Quds Foundation.

Randa Moussa, the wife of detainee Sheikh Khader Adnan, confirmed that “the Zionist occupation prevents the International Red Cross and human rights institutions from visiting the sheikh to see his health condition, trying to single him out as a prelude to killing him, especially after refusing to transfer him to a civilian hospital.”

In an interview with the al-Ahed news website, she said, “The charges against the sheikh do not exceed a six-month sentence, but his imprisonment for five years is arbitrary as a result of his accusation of carrying out events and activities that incite against ‘Israel’ in the name of the Islamic Jihad Movement.”

She added, “Sheikh Adnan refuses to take any medical examinations in the laboratories and hospitals of the occupation, although he faints from time to time with his health condition becoming very serious, but he wants to deliver a message to the enemy through this strike that life and death are the same with the existence of occupation.”

Randa Moussa pointed out that “this strike is Sheikh Adnan's fifth in ten years, but it is the most difficult in terms of the occupation's dealings with him and the most dangerous for the sheikh’s health, as he lives in a prison that lacks the minimum hygienic necessities with his bed infested with bed bugs and the lack of sunlight exposure in his cell.”

Accordingly, she considered that "the enemy is taking advantage of the absence of popular and factional sympathy with the case of Sheikh Adnan, who insists on his release without restriction or condition, rejecting all proposals presented by the occupation, as he is preparing himself for a fierce battle with this enemy.”