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As Resistance Grows and Unites, ‘Israel’ Continues to Lose!

As Resistance Grows and Unites, ‘Israel’ Continues to Lose!
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By Mohammad Youssef

The ‘Israeli’ occupation in Palestine is not at its best. The occupiers are rather in their worst days ever on so many levels internally and internationally.

Over the past two weeks they suffered huge moral and material losses after they have received devastating blows because of the resistance operations in different parts of Palestine.

The ‘Israelis’ nowadays are overwhelmed with the incessant flow of operations against its forces and settlers.

Never before the resistance operations have been as coordinated and planned as they are today. This will add up quantitively and qualitatively to the resistance work.

Moreover, the continuous rise of the Palestinian people against their occupiers have redirected the world attention to Palestine.

This has put the Palestinian cause at the forefront of the events and proved all the ‘Israeli’ efforts to break their will are in vain.

Moreover, the spread of the resistance operations all over Palestine and the unity of the different fronts all over have shown clearly that no matter how hard the enemies and their collaborators with their black propaganda have tried to mislead the Islamic ummah about its first cause, Muslims still prioritize Palestine as their first and most important cause.

Still internally, the deep divisions among the ‘Israelis’ and the continuous demonstrations against Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his team have left deep scars on the face of the criminal regime.

The inflammatory rhetoric by Netanyahu against the Palestinians, coupled with the continuous settler aggressions against the Aqsa Mosque, is putting the whole region on the verge of a huge eruption that no one can predict its consequences.

This is pushing the whole region into a war that might extend and include many fronts.

On the international level, ‘Israel’ continues to lose dramatically its legitimacy in the eyes of the international community. The horrible crimes its forces are perpetrating are very shocking and raised more awareness about the criminal nature of its apartheid regime.

The western countries that give unconditional support to ‘Israel’ feel themselves incapable to deal with this incessant intolerable torrent of hostilities and aggression by the ‘Israeli’ occupiers.

On the eve of the commemoration of the International Quds Day, which is observed every year in the last Friday of every month of Ramadan of the lunar calendar, it is expected that the ‘Israelis’, pushed and supported by their government, will most likely escalate their attacks and storming against the mosque and the worshippers there. If ‘Israel’ does this then it puts itself in a tough place. Muslims are ready to defend their sacred places and this includes millions of people all over the region and the world.

At any rate, a new path has been ushered in, a path that will add up strength, and more importantly trust and credibility to the Axis of Resistance in the region.

We all are expecting and going to see one clear result sooner than ever, the full liberation of Palestine, all Palestine from the river to the sea.