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Palestine’s Land Day: In Tribute to the Unforgotten Land, the One Destined to Liberation

Palestine’s Land Day: In Tribute to the Unforgotten Land, the One Destined to Liberation
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By Mohammad Youssef

Land Day is an annual event commemorated by the Palestinian people every year on the 30th of March.

This date symbolizes an uprising of the Palestinian people against the ‘Israeli’ occupation authorities which confiscated large areas of their lands in 1976. This Zionist aggression sparked a series of confrontations all over Palestine especially in the 1948 occupied territories to resist the ‘Israeli’ policy of annexing the Palestinian land.

This day represents a landmark in the historical struggle of the Palestinian people against the occupation.

The form of resistance in which the Palestinians are confronting the ‘Israeli’ occupiers is amazing, beyond calculations, and above all expectations.

The ‘Israeli’ settlers, along with their western supporters, namely and mainly the US, have always pinned hopes that the Palestinians will forget their homeland, especially the new generations. This has been proved to be very wrong, as most of the resistance fighters are very young and belong to the very generation that the Zionists thought has abandoned the cause.

Palestinians have never stopped to commemorate the Land Day, not only by celebrations and congregations, but also by sacrifices and daring operations against the ‘Israeli’ occupation’s military and settlers.

Every day, a Palestinian youngster would challenge the whole ‘Israeli’ hegemony and prove all their military and security measures are useless.

Moreover, the good thing is this unification of the fronts, whether on the geographic or military levels. The ‘Israeli’ occupiers cannot use their isolation policy anymore. The kind of awareness that has spread all over is very crucial and decisive in determining the next phase of confrontation which would necessarily encompass all the resistance groups altogether.

Another important factor to be taken into consideration is the emergence of new groups of fighters who do not belong politically and literally to any of the known groups. They are not known individuals and they have no recorded history of political or military activism. As such, they are not in the screen to be monitored, making the mission of the ‘Israeli’ intelligence almost impossible.

The Palestinian people have always been able to come with creative outcomes and exceptional solutions against all the tough ‘Israeli’ measures, and they have produced new styles of confrontations and operations.

With the support of the Axis of Resistance, namely Hezbollah and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and with the moral support of all Arab and Muslim people, and all the honorable and free people of the world, the Palestinians will definitely come to a decisive conclusion to free their land and celebrate its day in Palestine. Hopefully this will happen in the near future, sooner than all expectations!