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Resistance and Liberation May 2023


Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Memorial Service of Hajj Hussein Al-Shami

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Memorial Service of Hajj Hussein Al-Shami
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Translated by Al-Ahed News, Hezbollah Media Relations

The full speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the memorial ceremony held to honor the late Hajj Hussein Al-Shami on March 22, 2023.

We give to the pure soul of our beloved, dear, and precious deceased, Hajj Abu Muhammad Al-Hajj Hussein the reward of Al-Fatihah with prayers.

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah, and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.
Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you all.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. {Among the believers are men true to what they promised Allah. Among them is he who has fulfilled his vow [to the death], and among them is he who awaits [his chance]. And they did not alter [the terms of their commitment] by any alteration. (23)} God has spoken the truth.

Our dear and beloved departed was among the believers who remained true to what they promised Allah and never altered [the terms of their commitment]. He was among those who fulfilled their vow [to the death] on the difficult path of sacrifices, martyrdom, and jihad.

At the beginning, I turn to members of his honorable family and extend my deepest condolences. I ask God Almighty to grant them patience and solace and to grant our departed mercy and high ranks.

Before I start my speech, I also offer my condolences to all my brothers, especially those at this memorial service, who were his companions, brothers, loved ones, and friends. Our consolation is one and our loss for this dear and beloved brother is one.

It is my duty, before I begin my speech, to extend my condolences over the loss of a dear brother and an old friend of mine, His Eminence Judge Sheikh Abd al-Ilah Dabouq, may God have mercy on him. I also turn to his honorable family members and express my sympathies over the loss of this honest, sincere, and kind scholar, and I ask God Almighty to grant him patience, mercy, and high ranks.

I’ve divided my speech. I want to talk a little about Hajj Hussein and his achievements. The second point that I want to talk about a little is the current internal situation in Lebanon. Thirdly, I want to comment on the recent incident in the north of occupied Palestine and the threats of the “Israeli” enemy to Lebanon. Fourth, I will say a very brief word on the regional situation. I will extend the congratulations in the end so we don’t overshadow the existing occasions.

When talking about brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami, we have a duty to introduce him to our people, our supporters, and our nation. Many of our brothers work away from the limelight; they make sacrifices and strive day and night. Many people may not know them during their lifetime  and get to know them after their departure from this world.

These are the people who are known in heaven but are unknown on earth. In any case, now is the occasion to talk about them and introduce them.

When we talk about our brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami, the dear leader, we are not only talking about the founding generation. I always say that I call the brothers and sisters in all positions, including the leaders and the individuals who formed Hezbollah in 1982, the founding generation or the 1982 generation.

But among the founding generation there are leaders; there are men who assumed great responsibilities, erected this structure, and established its frameworks, entity, institutions, and existence through different dimensions and on different levels. Hajj Hussein Al-Shami was also one of these founding leaders.

Hajj Hussein has been religious since childhood. He was the son of a religious family working for the sake of God Almighty. From a very young age, he was concerned with Islam, the call to Islam, Palestine, and the nation.

He played a cultural, missionary, media, political, organizational, and military role as well as a jihadi role. He was one of the first to believe in the Islamic Revolution in Iran even before its victory; he one of the first to know Imam Khomeini and join the leadership of the Imam.

In 1982, he and the brothers working with him, as is the case in other sincere jihad frameworks and entities, made the decision to dissolve and merge, leaving the past behind them and looking to the future.

Together they formed the march of Hezbollah. These groups of sincere mujahideen abandoned everything, including titles, entities, considerations, personal circumstances, and the past. They looked forward to the future by creating the present. Their decision was for God and those loyal to Him. Hajj Hussein Al-Shami was one of them.

That is why I always say the march of Hezbollah was founded on piety. These brothers were not looking forward to a mortal world, but rather they were ready to die, be captured, and subject to dangerous accidents. Among them was brother Hussein al-Shami. However, God blessed some of these brothers with martyrdom, to die on His path.

God willed other brothers to pass away without being killed and bestowed upon them a blessed life. Hajj Hussein lived a blessed life full of generosity, jihad, action, and achievements.

From the beginning of this march, he assumed responsibilities in many different positions. He was a member of Hezbollah’s Shura – the decision-making Shura in Hezbollah – the second Shura for years.

He took on many responsibilities, as I said. In most of these roles, he acted as a founder of different formations. In other words, he was entrusted with a responsibility that did not exist previously.

For example, brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami was appointed as the first official in charge of the Beirut area when Hezbollah’s leadership began forming regions in the Bekaa, Beirut, and in the South.

He established the Beirut area and was the first official responsible for it. He was tasked with establishing an office for Hezbollah's representation in Tehran, so he went to Tehran and established this office.

He assumed financial responsibilities, and he was the first one to build and establish Hezbollah’s financial administration. He laid down the systems, rules, laws, disciplines, and mechanisms that our financial administration continues to adopt today. Of course, we also developed them. However, the basic foundations, controls, and rules are still the same as those laid down by brother Hajj Hussein Al-Shami.

In any case, this was his specialty. He took over the social aspects in Hezbollah early on, which were central. At that time, the social responsibility was very broad, and the beginning entailed creating institutions. The brothers remember that stage in the 80s and early 90s.

The central social officer was responsible for social services and relations. He was responsible for the families of martyrs, the families of prisoners, the wounded, healthcare, Jihad al-Bina, the unions, and other occupations. This was a broad category.

In addition to having this social responsibility, Hajj Hussein Al-Shami contributed to the creation of institutions. Thus, he possessed both a bureaucratic mind and a scientific mind.

In addition to the rest of his brothers, he had a very influential and significant role in creating various institutions, including the Islamic Health Organization. Talking about achievement, we do not attribute its success to one individual. We always talk about the group that worked together, but each individual in the group had a hand in something.

For example, after the Islamic Health Organization was established, the Civil Defense Institution branched out from it.

The Jihad al-Bina Foundation was established, which he contributed to its founding. As you know, our master and leader martyr Sayyed Abbas al-Mousawi paid special attention to this institution. Hajj Hussein was very helpful in this matter.

Brother Hajj Hussein Al-Shami contributed to the establishment of many hospitals and health centers that are still operational and are  at the service of people.

Hajj Hussein Al-Shami was the one who founded the Center for Development Studies, which later became the Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation. The idea was that we must have realistic studies and information to base correct plans, programs, and sound actions on.

Therefore, he was the founder of the first center for development studies. In addition, he supported other service institutions, including the Martyr Foundation and the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, which later became known as the Foundation for the Wounded.

In any case, I will talk about the Islamic Resistance Support Association and Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association in a little bit.

In general, brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami adopted a path from the beginning. I mentioned last week during the memorial service of one of our own, the late Hajj Saleh, that there are various and multiple paths in this line of work.

There are brothers and sisters from the beginning of the path who take a path, and follow it until The end, for example, the military track, the security track, the political track, the organizational track, the cultural track, and the media track.

There are brothers and sisters who choose a path from the beginning and follow it through to the end. Examples of such paths are the military path, the security path, the political path, the organizational path, the cultural path, and the media path.

Brother Hajj Hussein Al-Shami chose the social path from the beginning – everything related to serving the people, serving the families of the martyrs, the wounded, the prisoners, and the liberated fighters, serving and supporting the resistance, the health service, development work. This field in general.

He spent all his youth and blessed life on this path. He served this path over the past decades. Because he was pious, faithful, and truthful, he was always successful in what he established, accomplished, and did.

That is why today we see these institutions, achievements, and files strongly present and effective, especially in the face of the challenges that we faced throughout the past years. These institution taught us how to fight today’s harsh life as well as economic and financial challenges that our people are facing.

There are two institutions that I would like to talk about for a little bit. Brother Hajj Hussein contributed to the establishment of the Islamic Resistance Support Association.

A group of brothers, including brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami and dear and beloved brother, the late Sheikh Hussein Kourani, participated in the establishment of the Islamic Resistance Support Association.

However, Hajj Hussein al-Shami was also the head of the Islamic Resistance Support Association after Sheikh Hussein Kourani. He worked to strengthen and expand it. Ultimately, this is an institution of a financial nature because it collects donations from people and offers capabilities to the resistance and its institutions.

Hajj Hussein also contributed to the establishment of Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association, along with a group of brothers led by His Eminence, the great brother Sayyed Isa Tabatabai.

But brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami had a fundamental role in managing this institution and in setting up its systems, laws, work mechanisms, and controls. Why did I leave these two institutions?

Because they are two large financial institutions with huge funds available to them. Both institutions were under the charge of a pious, trustworthy, sincere, and honest man who feared God Almighty, as well as a careful and strict manager and expert in finance.

All the brothers know how Hajj Hussein was, even back when he was a financial official in Hezbollah. For example, when a decision was made to spend a certain amount [of money], would he implement this decision quickly? No, he would question what it would be used for, etc.

He used to deal with money as if it was God’s money and the people’s money. In the end, it’s God’s money, and He will ask him about it on the Day of Resurrection.

In this world he may or may not be asked about it. But when we used to discuss things with him, he used to say, ‘I will be asked about every penny on the Day of Resurrection, every amount of money, and I have to answer that question.’

Therefore, it was his responsibility to preserve this money and protect it from loss, wastage, theft, and corruption, and also to spend it in the right place that pleases God Almighty.

That is why I always consider the brothers and sisters working at the Islamic Resistance Support Association, including Hajj Hussein al-Shami, trustees of this money.

We confidently told people who want to donate money to the resistance through the Islamic Resistance Support Association: This is a reliable, trustworthy, honest, keen institution with expertise. The association was the available means for people to use their money for jihad for the sake of Allah.

Just as Hajj Hussein was speaking a while ago, God Almighty in the Qur’an told us about jihad with money and jihad with one’s self. Those who choose jihad with one’s self are the ones who enlisted in the resistance. Jihad with money means giving one’s money to the resistance.

The trustee of the money was brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami through the Resistance Support Association. It will continue, God willing, after our brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami and will have the same trust, expertise, and experience he had.

We previously spoke about Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association, and there is no time now to talk about details. It is a very important and great institution. It grew naturally and gradually. Although in recent years, its upward trajectory has been moving slowly thanks to the Americans.

You might be surprised that I said the enemy has blessings. Sometimes the enemy may be a reason for something good happening even if they did not mean to cause it.

In any case, some popular proverbs talk about this, and God Almighty says: {Perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you.}

What I am referring to is 2015 when the Americans added the leaders of the resistance as well as Hezbollah leaders, representatives, and officials to the terror lists and gave orders to the central bank in Lebanon to order other banks in the country to prevent these people from having accounts.

Unfortunately, most of the banks in Lebanon unilaterally – even before the Americans made the decision – asked every person close to Hezbollah to withdraw their deposits from the banks.

At some point, I said that these banks did a bad job. At that time, those banks expelled account holders in a harmful and offensive manner. This was the level of submission to the Americans, who have yet to make a decision.
The Americans have not made the decision yet and were still preparing a draft decision, but the decision was already implemented in Lebanon. {But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you.}

Since today we will talk a little about finances, I would like to clarify something. There was never money for Hezbollah in the Lebanese banks. Hezbollah has no money in banks. Hezbollah has no money to spare in the first place.

The money that Hezbollah receives, including aid, donations, or support from the Islamic Republic, (this is not hidden) is divided into salaries and budgets for projects it is following up on. Hezbollah never had money to deposit in banks.

However, people who had small, medium, and large amounts of money did deposit them in banks. In the end, we have a very wide support base that include people who own businesses and factories.

Nevertheless, these people were pursued and their money was taken out of the banks. Here, when I say perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you, what do I mean? Where did the money go? ‏

Naturally, it went to Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association because people wanted a safe place to put their money. The people brought their money to Al-Qard Al-Hassan under the management of Hajj Hussein Al-Shami. Their money became more blessed and a reason for t to get rewards from and closeness to God Almighty. Why?

When you or I deposit money in the association, which is a reliable administration, we are authorizing it to lend our money people who are in need – there are people who want to enroll in university or to go to the hospital; people who want to get married, plant their farm, open a small business.

Hence, while you are sitting home, your money is well kept and you are being rewarded [from God]. The Americans won you this world and the Hereafter when they ordered the banks to ask the people to withdraw their money.

In any case, my brothers and I know that the reason this institution continued to grow and stand firm over the years is, first and foremost, because of God Almighty and then brother Hajj Hussein Al-Shami thanks to his commitment and steadfastness.

He introduced laws. When you talk about financial institutions, the most important thing is to guarantee the money – the most important thing is the guaranteed work.

Hajj Hussein did not take risks. Everyone knows that he owned a private company, Yusur. People used to put money in Yusur for the purpose of investment. We all know that all of Hajj Hussein's investment projects were successful and profitable.

However, he refused to invest the money of the Islamic Resistance Support Association because it involved risks, even small ones. He also refused to invest the money of Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association because it involved risks, and this is the people’s money that he will be asked about on the Day of Resurrection.

He had such strictness and rigorous commitment. Thank God, Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association is continuing with the same policy, and I call on it to continue with this policy.

Before the July war, the General Secretariat office was open to all; people would come and go, and we would meet with people, not like now.

I remember once someone asked me, ‘if you could write a letter to Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association to obtain a loan. Since you are the Secretary General of Hezbollah, they will surely listen to you.’

So, I wrote a letter to brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami, the head of the Association, telling him that this is a needy family and if they can give them a loan, etc.

Hajj [Hussein] called me and told me, ‘I respect your position, but Sayyed, we have a system in place; if you want to recommend someone, you must be a guarantor, and if you want to be a guarantor, you must have money with us in the Association. But you have not deposited any money, so I apologize to you because based on our system, I cannot give them a loan.’

I praised him for his position because that is how the Association is preserved. If Hajj Hussein had been accommodating me and other brothers, who knows where Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association would be now! Today, it is one of the largest, envied, and targeted financial institutions.

In light of what the banking sector is going through and in light of the collapses of major international banks in the world, we have a large, important, and solid financial institution.

Hajj Hussein al-Shami used to say: To move slowly but steadily and in a reliable and thoughtful manner is much better than to move and grow quickly that may cause us to collapse quickly. This was one of his main and correct ideas that he implemented while working on institutions.

In his memorial ceremony and after he left us in this world, we say that the rewards of the good, blessed, and great deeds that Hajj Hussain accomplished will continue to follow him and pursue him in the Hereafter because he contributed to the enactment of this good deed. Of course, this is when we are talking about his direct work.

Meanwhile, being part of Hezbollah's march, Hajj Hussein al-Shami was at the forefront of making sacrifices, confronting challenges, exercising patience, suppressing anger, and showing unity and harmony when requested.

Brothers and sisters, from the heart of these achievements, I would like to talk about several points:

-    Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association:

When it comes to Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association, we are keen that this Association be for everyone, without distinguishing between one political party and another, or between one sect and another, or one region and another.

Sometimes the Association wants to open a branch in a city, then some of our political rival object. Our decision to open several branches is to serve people, leaving it up to the people to decide as we don’t want to impose ourselves on anyone.

That is why I told the concerned brothers that it is true that opening any branch serves the people, especially with rise in the price of fuel. So, whoever wants a loan can head to the branch in his city or village by foot. However, if the branch is somewhere else, people would have to pay for transportation or fuel. Despite that, we do not want to impose ourselves on anyone.

We have no problem opening branches in places that want us and welcome us.

One of the things I heard amid the debate about this institution was that some wanted to establish an Orthodox Qard Al-Hasan, knowing that we did not name the institution the Shiite Qard Al-Hasan or the Islamic Qard Al-Hasan Association. There is no problem.
We encourage all parties in Lebanon to establish similar institutions because the importance of Al-Qard Al-Hasan is that it does not take interest and usury from people, nor does it take profits, but rather provides great services to people.

Therefore, this is one of the greatest actions that bring a person closer to God Almighty.

We encourage the establishment of a hundred Al-Qard Al-Hasan institutions and for every group of people, village, and city to have one. We are ready to share our expertise, the same expertise that came from our late Hajj Hussein al-Shami and one the brothers and sisters in Al-Qard Al-Hasan Association have.

We are ready to pass it on to everyone because such institutions are in fact always capable and appropriate and are very suitable for the difficult stage that people are facing.

Establishing institutions and funds that offer interest-free loans to patients, people with needs, owners of small businesses, university students, and those who want to specialize is a great work and is needed today in the country.

-    The economic and living situation:

Amid the difficult living and economic situation as well as the fluctuation of the dollar rate, the state cannot stand idly. There are measures that must be taken. It is true that the state’s measure will not drastically address the situation, but they can mitigate.

What is happening is not logical. At one point, the dollar rate increased by 1000 LBP, 500 LPB, 2000 LBP, 3000 LBP with a certain development. But currently, the rate goes up by 10000, 20000, 30000, or 40000 LBP in one go. This is not logical, and I have asked some of the competent authorities; this is not logical and has no logical basis.

Hence, there is a responsible administration. Experts must engage in discussions. Personally, I cannot suggest an idea before asking the experts.

When it comes to buying and selling dollars, there are two examples. A merchant wants dollars, so he withdraws dollars from the market because he wants to import goods. You say this is necessary for commercial work.

In the second case, there are people who need dollars because there is dollarization in the country for many things. There are people whose only job is to buy and sell dollar and increase the price of the dollar and decrease the price of the national currency. There is a moral a national responsibility toward this matter. There might even be a religious discission on such action. The state must assume responsibility.

The issue of printing the lira [Lebanese Pound] in this way, the higher the volume of cash liquidity, inevitably leads to a depreciation of the currency. This topic needs to be discussed, whether it is true or not.

Today, the country has been abandoned to its fate, and whenever someone says something, they bring up the monetary and credit law and tell you to take it up with the governor [of Lebanon’s central bank]. Addressing the living and economic issue today is no longer up to the governor, the prime minister, or the parliament.

It is the responsibility of all the political forces in the country. We have consistently urged the political forces in Lebanon to prioritize economic discussions over political disputes and to come together to establish a dialogue table.
When it comes to talking about the resistance’s weapons, everyone is prepared to hold a dialogue table. To discuss a defense strategy, everyone is ready to hold a dialogue table. But if you invite them to hold a dialogue table to rescue people’s livelihood and the economic situation (life has become harsh), they completely ignore these words because they consider themselves unconcerned.

This is wrong, and we renew the call for people to engage in dialogue and assume responsibility. Pushing the responsibility of the economic and living situation on each other will not solve the problem.

People who support a group or a leader will continue to support them. Basically, the grey space between political forces in Lebanon that they talk about has shrunk. There is plenty of evidence, but I do not want to go into details.

Hence, pushing responsibility on to each other will not solve the situation. We have no excuse not to be able to elect a president or form a government. One has nothing to do with the other.

When invited to a dialogue table to address the economic situation, they blame each other and engage in pointless political wrangling. This won’t get us anywhere.

In any case, we all know that rescuing the situation and the pound does not require limited measures, but rather a comprehensive multi-dimensional rescue and reform plan to be implemented in stages. However, I have no idea when it will come.

I would like to take advantage of the regional and international development and recall a position and demand it vigorously. This is related to China.

There is a consensus that improving the living conditions in Lebanon and the Lebanese pound and strengthening the economy is bringing in investments.

I will not say bringing aid or obtaining deposits because the Americans will not allow anyone to provide aid to Lebanon or place deposits in Lebanon. But is there a possibility to bring in investments? Yes, there is a possibility.

China is willing and was ready to launch projects worth $ 12 billion in which the Lebanese would not pay a penny. A wealthy country like China launching projects in Lebanon worth $ 12 billion (it may reach to 20, 25 and 30 billion) and is not afraid of the Americans or the economic difficulties that exist in Lebanon, can you imagine what that will do to the country?

Once this becomes serious, it will improve the currency, restore confidence in the country, move the economy, secure job opportunities, and reduce unemployment. Is this available or not available? This is now available.

When we spoke about pivoting towards China and heading eastward, some political forces made fun. Now, your loved ones and dear ones, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, the Gulf States, Egypt, and the whole world are heading towards the East – in economy and war. The direction is eastward.

I will give you Iran as an example because I know your position on Iran. I will take Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia invited the Chinese President to Riyadh and held three summits – the Saudi-Chinese Summit, the Chinese-Gulf Summit, and the Chinese-Arab Summit.

The Saudis gathered all the Arab countries and held a summit for the Chinese President. I will not talk about numbers because there are some discrepancies. Saudi Arabia and China agreed on investments and exchanges worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Yet, no one disagreed with them. Why are we in Lebanon so afraid, so terrified, so frozen, and so slow? Why?

Someone might tell me that this issue is the responsibility of the Prime Minister. It is not only the Prime Minister’s responsibility but also the responsibility of the government and its components and the political forces since they can encourage the government to take such a path. Why not?

There is a huge country that is financially and economically capable. Today, all the discussion in the entire globe is whether America or China is at the forefront.

There is a country that is ready and has no problem investing in Lebanon. Why are the doors closed? Can someone answer? We can do this without having to wait for the recovery plans that need a year, two, or three years of pointless debates. This is easy and clear. Such a decision requires political decisiveness and courage.

With regard to the economic and livelihood issue, we must always re-emphasize agriculture and industry. Numbers show that there is an improvement in people's interest in agriculture and manufacturing. This is important, dear brothers, why?

First, so we can get up. Secondly, we do not know what is happening in the world. Only God knows. We may go to sleep one day and wake up and find that leading economies have collapsed. Do not be surprised.

The Soviet Union collapsed in one night, and some of these powers that see themselves major and fundamental in the world may collapse overnight. What we are seeing now – the bank turmoil [in the US] – is just the tip of the iceberg.

In any case, regardless of whether the situation abroad is difficult or good, we must have our own capabilities and self-sufficiency so that this country can survive given any circumstances – bad or good. ‏

We renew the call for cooperation and solidarity among people, for people to support and help each other. The month of Ramadan is coming – at the end of the address, I will talk about it. There must be compassion, cooperation, integration, support. We must address the greed that exists among some people and parties.

For example, the strike of banks is no longer acceptable at all. In the end of the day, it contributes to worsening the economic, financial, and living conditions. We must all share in shouldering these responsibilities.

I would like to confirm that Hezbollah, its institutions, associations, members – men and women, old and young – stand alongside the people as it always dd in the past.

From the very first day, we choose to resist and fight, but we were also on the side of the people. We were on the side of the people whose homes were damaged and destroyed. We were on the side of the people who were displaced and wounded. We were on the side of the martyrs. This was the responsibility of our brother Hajj Hussein al-Shami, may God have mercy on him. ‏

Also today, we affirm that Hezbollah, with all its capabilities and with all sincerity, is on the side of all people, and it will never abandon this responsibility.

-    The presidency:

With regard to the presidency, things are moving slow, but efforts are still ongoing. We hope that the recent regional communication, the Saudi-Iranian agreement, the regional calm, and the regional relations that have begun to open may help achieve this challenge in Lebanon.

But as my brothers say, this is primarily domestic matter, and the outside world is an aiding factor. It helps create a favorable atmosphere. However, the decision is an internal matter, first and foremost.

I read articles, commentaries, and analyses that talk about an annex to the Saudi-Iranian agreement.

In any case, when I announced the breaking news, I told you that you will read articles and analyses where you’d feel that the analysts were in the meeting in Beijing. For days now, some people have been saying that there is an appendage to the Saudi-Iranian agreement regarding Lebanon, Yemen, and other files in the region. Of course, this news is not true.

Let us talk about Lebanon. With regard to Lebanon, it has no basis. They basically did not mention Lebanon. Therefore, let us see things realistically. This positive atmosphere is conducive. We must benefit from this positive atmosphere internally to achieve this challenge.

-    The incident in northern occupied Palestine:

Regarding the incident in the north of occupied Palestine, everyone was keeping pace with it. An incident occurred last week and led to great confusion among the enemy. There were a lot of analyses. I am not concerned with analyzing it or talk about who is responsible. I will only talk about two things:

1-    Many commented on Hezbollah's silence – Hezbollah did not say anything, did not comment on anything, did not say whether it had anything to with it or not, did not say if it had information on whether the fighter, who was martyred, was in Palestine or came from Palestine, entered from Lebanon.

What is the deal with this silence? Hezbollah's silence is part of its strategies in the battle against “Israel”. It reflects wisdom and confuses the enemy. Are we required to solve the enemy's problem? The enemy is lost and surprised. It does not understand what is happening.

Is Hezbollah required, if it has data or information for one reason or another, to issue a statement and explain this issue just not to be accused or just to defend itself?

Is Hezbollah afraid to defend itself? Is it afraid of the accusation? Hezbollah is not afraid.

Therefore, our silence is part of the psychological, political, media, and military battle with the enemy. Let the “Israelis” investigate the incident – whether the resistance fighter entered from Lebanon or not, how he entered from Lebanon, and who sent him. When they have results, their findings will be built upon.

For the future, we are not required to comment on every incident. Sometimes the comment is in not commenting. This is part of the battle. It is part of the psychological and media warfare.

2-    The “Israeli” threats:

There is no doubt that the incident in the North shocked them. The “Israeli” war minister went near the border and threatened if it was proven that Hezbollah was behind it.

Today, I tell him: Do whatever you want, you can attempt the impossible, and your threats will yield no results.

In any case, the “Israelis” know and were right in assuming that if Hezbollah was behind the operation – it is the one who sent this resistance fighter and ran operation – this means that it is not afraid of going to battle and ready for confrontation.

In any case, brothers and sisters, I would like to conclude this point by saying that “Israel” today is in distress, as you can see. The temporary usurper entity has never been this weak in its history. Weak not in a sense that it will collapse tomorrow. We are talking about percentages.

It is weak and in crisis. There is a dilemma, internal division, despair, lack of trust in each other, and uncertainty about their future.

We are not saying that they will not make it to the 80-year mark, but they are all talking about and fearing not making it. Maybe, they will not mark 80 years. God willing, they will not make it to 80 years, i.e. several more years.

Do you remember what we said when the “Israeli” government was first formed? We said it is a government of corrupt, crazy people, and extremists.

Who in their sane mind would want to normalize with the Arab world, present themselves as a friendly state, and an enemy to Iran and at the same time say that there is no such thing the Palestinian people (like “Israeli” Finance Minister).

This person has not read history or even their old testament. He says that there is no such thing as the Palestinian people, and before that he said that they flattened the town of Huwara, including men, women, and children in it.

In any case, this is all excellent. Why? Because these fools are revealing the true nature of the “Israelis” and the “Israeli” hypocrisy. These people are revealing what other Zionists are hiding.

When you have such foolish people among the leadership of the enemy, you realize that its demise is coming soon. Today, the enemy knows and fears initiating a war with Lebanon. The maritime borders issue proved that the enemy fears going to war with Lebanon.

First, it is not guaranteed that an attack on Lebanon will not lead to a war. This should be in everyone's calculations. Secondly, a war on Lebanon might lead to war in the entire region. This is what the “Israelis” fear.

What you [the “Israelis”] are threatening us with might be the reason of your end and demise. It might be the reason that won’t allow you to mark 80 years.

In any case, I conclude with this point and say the resistance in Lebanon adheres to its commitment and its decision. I tell you that “Any military or security Zionist attack on Lebanon or any person on Lebanese territory – Lebanese, Palestinian, or of another nationality – will be met with a decisive and swift response from the resistance. This must be understood by the “Israelis” in their calculations.

-    Regional developments:

I will talk about two points:

1-    Yemen:

March 26 marks eight years since the start of the aggression against Yemen.

Hezbollah has stood by the Yemeni people from the start, and we are proud of our position in this world and in the Hereafter, God willing. We have called for an end to this aggression and to stop this war from the very beginning.

This has always been our position and logic. As a result of regional circumstances on the one hand, and the failure of the aggression on Yemen and the steadfastness and solidity of the Yemeni people’s resistance on the other, there are high hopes for a solution, and this is what we call for.

What we desire, not only in Hezbollah, in the entire Arab and Islamic world, is to see that this war has stopped. A few days ago, a prisoner exchange agreement during the month of Ramadan was announced. This makes every honest person happy.

We hope that this matter will be completed and that things will proceed in the path of a solution, ending the war, lifting the blockade, and the return of Yemen and the Yemeni people to their normal life.

2-    Iraq:

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq, the occupation of Iraq. Of course, Hezbollah had a clear position on the American invasion of Iraq 20 years ago. We were skinned for having that position, but we are proud of it.

The invasion project was very dangerous. The invasion of Iraq was a prelude to invading six other countries, including Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Libya, and eventually Iran, as senior Pentagon generals admitted.

The occupation was planned to remain for decades and hundreds of years. The Americans came in to occupy and stay, to plunder oil, gas, water, and resources, and to preserve their interests with their armies, fleets, and aircraft carriers. This happened 20 years ago.

Iraq was liberated with the blessing of the valiant Iraqi resistance that was fighting the invaders and occupiers who came to stay in Iraq and not those terrorist takfiris groups, who sowed death, terror, and destruction in mosques, churches, hussainiyas, universities, shrines of imams, and markets of the Shiites, Sunnis, Arabs, Kurds, and Christians.

The true, honest resistance that was formed from Iraqi factions fought the Americans and forced them to leave. This American occupation, which was there to stay for hundreds of years in Iraq, left after nearly eight years.

It is true the Americans left following an agreement, but the whole world knows that they withdrew as a result of the daily resistance against the US occupation forces. This is another lesson that an act of resistance can change the fate of a country, region, and the world.

The Iraqi resistance, Iran’s steadfastness (American bases in Afghanistan and in Iraq surround its border), and Syria’s steadfastness (Colin Powell came carrying a list of demands) are what led to the failure of the US project in the region.

When it failed to stay in Iraq, it could not occupy Syria, Libya, to Sudan, and Somalia, let alone Iran.

In any case, this is an important anniversary. I always say that the Iraqi resistance, its Mujahideen, its leaders, its martyrs, its prisoners, its wounded, and the families of its martyrs did not get the praise and appreciating they deserve from the nation for the great historic achievement – defeating the American occupation and thus the American project.

Of course, the Iraqi people still have many challenges when it comes to confronting American influence until they attain true freedom, independence, and sovereignty.

Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to congratulate you on some quick occasions, including Mother’s Day. Greetings to all mothers, to all our mothers, to all dear venerable ladies.

Paradise is under the mothers’ feet. Blessed be their day, especially the mothers of the martyrs who lost their dearest children and the people most beloved to them. I ask God Almighty to grant them long lives, well-being, health, safety, and goodness in this world and in the Hereafter. ‏

There are dear Islamic people in Iran, Afghanistan, and many countries in the region who celebrate the Nowruz feast, which means the beginning of the solar Hijri year. Blessed be this new year for all Muslims and all the peoples celebrating it.

Finally, the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan. It is highly possible, but let us wait and see what our marja [religious reference] will announce.

God willing, tomorrow will be the first of Ramadan, and this will be a good sign since the Islamic world – Sunnis and Shiites – will fast together. God willing, they will celebrate Eid together.

In any case, I congratulate everyone on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of God, the month of repentance, the month of great divine opportunity, and the month of returning to God Almighty.

God willing, we will talk a little about the month of Ramadan in the coming days. However, I must emphasize on taking advantage of this month on the spiritually, religiously, and socially – showing cooperation, solidarity, and integration.

I would like to thank all the brothers and sisters in all regions who have been preparing everything necessary to help all families over the past few weeks so that no one is left in Lebanon not able to afford iftar.

This is our project, which will be accomplished, God willing, with the support of Hezbollah and with the generous contribution of all people. The Prophet tells us to guard yourself, even with half of a date or a sip of water.

No one should underestimate or belittle any help, any support, or any contribution that brings one closer to God Almighty and heals wounds.

To our dear late Hajj Hussein Al-Shami, we, his brothers and companions who have walked together for more than 40 years, pledge to his pure soul that we will continue the path that we started together. We will continue on the path of jihad and resistance until all the goals our loved and dear ones were martyred for are fulfilled.

We assure Hajj Hussein Al-Shami that we will not change regardless of the challenges, the risks, the difficulties, and the sacrifices. Your achievements, O beloved brother, will remain, strengthen, grow, and continue until you the end.

Mercy and high ranks for our dear departed, for all those who departed, and for our dear martyrs. For their souls, we gift them the reward of reading Al-Fatihah.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.