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Rift with US Escalates Internal Tension within the ‘Israeli’ Establishment

Rift with US Escalates Internal Tension within the ‘Israeli’ Establishment
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By Haaretz, edited by Al-Ahed News

US President Joe Biden's remarks that he is "very concerned" about the ‘Israeli’ government's plan to weaken its ‘judiciary’ is an "urgent wake-up call" for the Zionist entity, according to opposition MK Benny Gantz.

Meanwhile, far-right ‘National Security’ Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir asserted that ‘Israel’ is "not another star on the American flag, Haaretz wrote in a report.

Gantz warned that damaging relations with the US is equivalent to a "strategic terror attack" and that "The Prime Minister must instruct his representatives for the negotiations over the ‘judicial legislation’ to act swiftly and repair the situation."

Some days after Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a pause on the ‘legislation’ to overhaul the entity’s ‘justice’ system, Biden commented on Tuesday, saying ‘Israel’ cannot continue down this road.

Overnight, Netanyahu posted a message on Twitter saying he appreciates Biden’s “longstanding commitment to ‘Israel,’” but advised Biden to mind his own business by adding that “‘Israel’ makes its decisions by the will of its people and not based on pressures from abroad, including from the best of friends.”

On Tuesday, Culture and Sports Minister Miki Zohar tweeted "that it is sad that Biden has fallen victim to the fake news from ‘Israel’" about the ‘judicial’ overhaul. Within minutes, however, the tweet was deleted and, in a follow-up tweet, Zohar explained that he did so "out of respect for the importance of our relations with our greatest ally."

The responses from other Zionist politicians continued to pour in on Wednesday morning. Opposition leader Yair Lapid took to Twitter, saying that "‘Israel’ has been the US's closest ally for dozens of years,” lamenting that “The most extreme government in ‘Israel's’ history has ruined that within three months."

Likud MK and Deputy Knesset speaker Nissim Vaturi took the criticism one step further, saying that "‘Israel’ will protect itself without the US if they will not support us."

‘Education’ Minister Yoav Kish said that "with all due respect" to Biden, "‘Israel’s’ decisions are made here. American criticism can happen, but the decisions are ours."

Labor chair Merav Michaeli called the statements a wake-up call for the ‘Israeli’ public, and not for Netanyahu: "President Biden says on his terms that Netanyahu is dangerous for ‘Israel’. Every moment he's in office brings us closer to destruction. This is the time to [call for] elections and replacing this dangerous government."