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Forms of Palestinian Resistance: The Domino Effects Leading to the ’Israeli’ Demise

Forms of Palestinian Resistance: The Domino Effects Leading to the ’Israeli’ Demise
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By Mohammad Youssef

Palestinian captives behind the ‘Israeli’ occupation’s bars have mounted their pressure against the enemy government to ease its aggressive policies against them.

They have started a hunger strike during the Muslims’ holy month of fasting, the month of Ramadan, as a protective measure in an attempt to force the ‘Israeli’ authorities to stop its hostilities and tough measures.

The right-wing extremist government in Tel Aviv has lost every logical sense in its new approach to the whole Palestinian issue.

The extremist and corrupt leaders and ministers in the new ‘Israeli’ cabinet think they can export their internal problems outside by escalating the situation inside and outside the occupied Palestine.

Many provocative statements have been released and several stern measures have been taken on different levels. They all reflect the new approach of this ‘Israeli’ government towards the Palestinians.

The new Zionist cabinet head and members have consumed all extremist measures and hatred-inciting terminology against the Palestinians reaching to say: “There is no such thing as Palestinian people.” All this comes in an effort to liquidate and annihilate any rights for them.

The ‘Israeli’ campaign reached Jordan as well, where one of the ‘Israeli’ leaders has presented a new map that would take parts of Jordan and annex it to the Zionist entity which sparked an outraged reaction from the Jordanian side.

Of course, this should provoke reaction from the international community and all human rights activists and organizations who hold responsibility to stand against the Zionist authorities to stop its new hostile aggression against the Palestinians.

Measures should be taken by the European Union. Also, sanctions should be enacted and imposed upon the ‘Israeli’ occupation government and its members.

All free media and opinion leaders are equally responsible to expose those stern ‘Israeli’ apartheid measures.

It is expected that the proper reaction and measures against the ‘Israeli’ authorities, which is very much needed, will put a restraint upon the ‘Israelis’ to stop their hostilities.

If all the international community, the European Union, and all the concerned parties did not act accordingly, then they put themselves as an accomplice to the ‘Israeli’ aggressions, given that their silence would make them partners in the ‘Israeli’ crimes.

Apart from the international community, the Arab League, Arab governments, and the Organization of Islamic Countries are also responsible for raising their voice and making proper reactions. Additionally, they have to activate their diplomatic efforts and their political weight to lobby for the Palestinian rights.

Apart from this, the major action should be taken in Palestine and by the Palestinians themselves. They should unite their efforts inside and outside Palestine to change the game. The ‘Israelis’ should not be free to act as they like without fearing any reaction.

The Palestinians so far have demonstrated a great sense of affinity and a high level of responsibility. It is upon this attitude that we could count to reverse the tide and put ‘Israelis’ into a tight plight!

All hopes are pinned on a new unified intifada [uprising] all over Palestine and by all Palestinians. This will bring us closer than ever to a place where the real war of liberation would take place. Things are prepared and ready more than any time in the past.

Hopefully, they can bring the dawn of future, the future of liberation, complete liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea.