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The Iranian-Saudi Understanding: A Major Shift for the Region

The Iranian-Saudi Understanding: A Major Shift for the Region
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By Mohammad Youssef

The Iranian-Saudi rapprochement under the Chinese flag was the event that made the headlines this week, and will continue to do so for a quite long time to come.

The understanding, or the agreement that was reached and pronounced in the statement, reflects a total new shift, a major one that would positively affect the region and its countries in the future.

What is so important about this agreement is that it reflects a major transformation in the perspective of the different parties in viewing and assessing the situation.

It comes after a long ordeal and bitter experiences that littered the history of the relation of the two countries.

Both capitals Tehran and Riyadh are fully convinced they needed this agreement.

For its part, Saudi Arabia is in need for this agreement in accordance with its new policy of zero problems.

Mohammad bin Salman [MBS], with his wide ambition to revive Riyadh and its role, is in need for stability to carry out his 2030 vision. Any escalation in the region would most likely put his dreams and plans of development into jeopardy. This in turn, would put his plans to assume power at risk also.

MBS understands very well the geopolitical influence Tehran has in the whole region. He also hopes this would open the path for a settlement for his Yemeni crisis, as he has been struggling to get out of the quagmire.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is in need for this agreement with Riyadh as well. Tehran has always longed for a mutual agreement with Saudi Arabia to settle all neighboring disputes so it can be fully free to combat the American-‘Israeli’ threats.

Riyadh plays a central role in the region and has an immense influence over the Gulf countries. It is not surprising at all to say it dictates most of the policies there.

Iran, for its part, needs Saudi Arabia to stop its animosity and to cease supporting Tehran’s enemies.

The agreement that was concluded in China would finally serve as a platform to all those necessities from both sides.

The agreement itself is very important because it comes under the Chinese mediation.

This would count more for China’s vitality and tell a lot about the mounting ascending Chinese rule in the world and more specifically in the region.

Both Washington and Tel Aviv were not happy at all to hear about the new agreement between the rival countries.

Their first reactions were distressed and reflected their disappointment and dismay.

The agreement should be monitored very well, and it does not mean that the two countries have become friends. Riyadh did not come out of the American cloak, neither departed its orbit. Tehran is also still fixed at its principles that enshrine its policies.

We have to give an opportunity and a window of time for this understanding to materialize well and see whether it is going to grow and succeed to become a full-fledged agreement.

The hopes are there now and hopes are pinned that this become a reality because it would bring huge benefits to the whole region and its people.