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‘The Lone Wolves’ Refutes the ‘Israeli’ Narrative: Megiddo Perpetrator in A Safe Place, Op Documented

‘The Lone Wolves’ Refutes the ‘Israeli’ Narrative: Megiddo Perpetrator in A Safe Place, Op Documented
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By Al-Ahed News

The Revolutionary Council of the ‘Galilee Forces – The Lone Wolves’ refuted in a statement the ‘Israeli’ military narrative which said an individual infiltrated from Lebanon to carry out the operation at Megiddo crossroads near Haifa.

The statement stressed that the Megiddo Operation perpetrator is alive, in a safe place, and the operation has been documented.

“Amid the internal crises engulfing the Zionist entity, and affected by the Palestinian resistance blows, among which is the ‘Galilee Forces – The Lone Wolves’ group, the ‘Israeli’ military as usual tends to export its crises, which is tangibly witnessed in the row regarding the ‘Megiddo’ Operation that was carried out by the heroes of ‘The Lone Wolves’ in the Galilee Forces,” the council explained.

“As the Revolutionary Council confirms that all what is being rumored by the Zionist intelligence about the operation are totally false, it challenges the ‘Israeli’ intelligence apparatuses to publish any information about the perpetrator of the operation, and advises it to review its criminal policies against our people, and avoid playing with our sanctities, including the detained heroes.”

The council further assured the dear Palestinian people and all the free people of the world about the wellbeing of the perpetrator of the operation, adding that it has documented the operation.

It concluded the statement by promising the Palestinian people to keep targeting the enemy, involve in direct confrontations with it, and carry out the goals inside and outside Palestine, and that they will remain united with all the factions that believe in the armed resistance.

Earlier on Wednesday, the ‘Israeli’ occupation military claimed that the perpetrator of blowing up a huge bomb at the “Megiddo” crossroads near Haifa on Monday is a person who infiltrated from Lebanon to the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories. The Zionist army further alleged that after denotating the bomb, the individual returned to the border area, carrying an explosive belt, where the ‘Israeli’ army killed him and detained his body.