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The Army, People and Resistance: Lebanon’s Golden Equation

The Army, People and Resistance: Lebanon’s Golden Equation
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By Mohammad Youssef

Lebanon has been enjoying stability and safety since 2000, thanks to the resistance that achieved the triumphant liberation after years of sacrifices.

The resistance has accumulated a significant military expertise and coordinated with the Lebanese army and deeply entrenched the triumphant equation: the army, people and resistance.

This equation has served as a remarkable successful formula to ensure Lebanon’s sovereignty, safety and stability against multi-level hazards and dangers that threatened the country and its people.

Never before at any time in the past has Lebanon been able to claim its real sovereignty as it did after establishing the golden equation. The full sense of the term has been embodied only after this formula came into existence. More particularly, after the liberation that the resistance has achieved and forced the Israeli occupation withdrawal in the year 2000.

This equation has also been able to prove and continues to prove its validity all the time. In the year 2006 the divine victory after the thirty-three-day war has been achieved due to this coordination or harmony among the three factors.

This also has been put into effect time after time, especially during the war against the takfiris in the eastern part of Lebanon.

the maritime demarcation serves also as an exemplary model for this optimal result brought by this formula.

Every time the country gets engulfed in a crisis, our country and its people come out with a creative solution that brings things back into normal.

Few days ago, the confrontation in the southern border between the Lebanese army officer and the Israeli occupation soldiers gives a new example about this coordination.

The “Israelis” attempted to change the borderline when the people stood up against them, then the Lebanese army interfered and prevented the Israeli army from continuing its violation.

The “Israelis” understand very well that any continuity from their side will flare up the situation and might lead to a military confrontation with the resistance, a thing they are not ready for now.

Again, a conclusion should be summed up, with one clear theme. As long as this formula exists Lebanon and the Lebanese will always be protected from all hazards and dangers.