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The ‘Narrators of Resistance’: The Significance of Honoring Martyred Journalists

The ‘Narrators of Resistance’: The Significance of Honoring Martyred Journalists
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By Mohammad Youssef

The ‘Narrators of Resistance’ is the first conference which was held early this week in the Iranian capital Tehran to commemorate the martyrdom of the media people who worked in the media outlets affiliated with the Axis of Resistance.

This conference, which glorifies the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, has launched a programmed activity which will not only serve as a symbol of celebration for the martyrs and their families which flocked from all the aforementioned countries to Iran, but also as a valuable opportunity to exchange views among all the workers in this field to deliberate over all the common difficulties and to discuss future plans that would promote the media activities and make them more effective.

The writer of those words attended the conference and came back with a great impression about the martyrs and their families, as well as about the huge potential that could advance the resistance media and bring it closer to achieve its goals.

What was really astounding is a very common notice among the families of the martyrs which is their deep feeling of glory and dignity for the martyrdom of their sons and daughters. 

Every family would narrate countless of stories about how proud and grateful they are for the divine merit of choosing their family member as a martyr.

This would really open a new chapter about the resistance literature which should be promoted and supported to become a full-fledged branch of this literature and thus culture.

Volumes could be authored about those martyrs to foster and deeply entrench the culture of the resistance across the ummah.

The significance of the event comes from different venues; and on many levels:

First, it reflects the loyalty and appreciation of the ummah for its martyrs and their sacrifices. An ummah that commemorates its martyrs sends a great message to both friends and enemies about its commitment to their cause.

Second, it portrays a vivid example for the future generations about their divine heritage of the martyrs’ sacrifices and their achievements which protected the ummah and preserved its sacred causes.

Third, it serves as building a common memory that would assist in socializing the different parts of the ummah altogether, and help them understand the nature of the struggle in every country across the Axis of Resistance.

Fourth, this would serve also in bridging the gap and better coordinate the efforts of the media outlets and organize them to be more skillful and thus more successful and effective.

Finally, the Islamic Republic of Iran which served and continues to serve as the haven and stronghold of the resistance ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution under Imam Khomeini and the advent of this blessed republic sends a strong message to the whole world about its unshakable commitment to the ummah’s great causes which the martyrs serve as its beacon and great symbols.