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The Latest War Crime in Nablus: Another Proof of ‘Israeli’ Barbarism, Resistance’s Watchfulness

The Latest War Crime in Nablus: Another Proof of ‘Israeli’ Barbarism, Resistance’s Watchfulness
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By Mohammad Youssef

The ‘Israeli’ occupation forces have perpetrated a new massacre, which amounts to a war crime, against the Palestinians Wednesday, leaving at least ten Palestinians martyred, and wounding almost a hundred others.

This massacre gives a further proof on the hostile nature of this enemy and its criminal essence and entails a reaction against it to hold its leaders responsible for their crimes and aggressions.

The Zionist military unit that carried out the bloody attack has worked undercover and used a very malicious method by camouflaging in women clothes, Bedouins, and elderly people.

This criminal attack in the old town of Nablus is indicative of many important issues.

First, it is reminiscent of the old attacks and assassinations which amount to massacre-like crimes and the history of ‘Israel’ is littered with litany of endless massacres against the Palestinians and Arabs in many different parts of the Arab world especially in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan stretching to Tunisia!

Second, it shows exactly that the Zionist leaders, as always, have never considered they would face any condemnation or counter any legal measure against them by any state, government, or international community that is why they continue their bloody campaigns fearlessly.

Third, the Zionist government, which represents a combination of right-wing extremists, religious fanatic zealots and corrupt officials, is expected to escalate the situation more and more as it goes further in carrying out its fascist bloody agenda with the absence of any worthwhile reaction that could stop it.

Fourth, the United States and the Western governments, and unfortunately some Arab governments should be considered partners of ‘Israel’ in its crimes, as they continue to provide support and offer cover for its continuous perpetrations.

Fifth, the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces have mounted their campaign of building illegal settlements especially in the occupied West Bank and certain parts of al-Quds to eradicate all Arab presence there and thus give a Jewish emblem to the whole place in its incessant efforts to annex more lands to the so-called ‘state of ‘Israel.’’

Sixth, as we notice an almost absence of an Arab or world reaction against ‘Israel,’ we also notice a growing body of boycott against ‘Israel’ in many western circles whether in universities, municipalities and other academic centers. Many figures are joining this on a daily basis and this should be encouraged more and more.

Seventh, those who deeply understand the nature of the ‘Israeli’ entity, especially in the western countries should unite their efforts and start a coordinated campaign to spread the message whose objective must be to boycott ‘Israel,’ punish it, hold its officials responsible and sue them for their crimes.

As we reach here, the main responsibility lies on the shoulders of the resistance in Palestine with all its different factions and manifestations as they should respond effectively and swiftly in the way they find suitable against the ‘Israeli’ crimes.

This crime should not go unpunished, and the resistance in Palestine is aware of its capabilities and potentials of where and how to respond which is not going to take much time before we see it taking place, hopefully soon.