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In Memory of “February 14” Revolution: Bahrain Continues the Struggle

In Memory of “February 14” Revolution: Bahrain Continues the Struggle
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By Al-Ahed News

In memory of “The February 14” revolution, the resilience of Bahraini people increases in the face of the “Al Khalifa’s” arbitrary targeting. Bahrainis show their insistence to remain defiant in their struggle despite the maltreatment and repression they have suffered.

The people of Bahrain celebrated this occasion with a sequence of various revolutionary activities and events as well as a revolutionary movement. at the same time, the Bahraini Opposition abroad held a series of revolutionary activities as well including conferences, seminars, protests and rhetorical festivals.

Revolutionists and protesters escalated their angry movements through protests and blocking streets despite security mobilization, threats and arrests.

Accordingly, Bahrain witnessed massive protests on Monday night, which emphasized that the popular movement will continue their action until demands are fulfilled.

The protesters raised the photos of martyrs and political detainees, demanding their immediate release.

Hundreds in different Bahraini regions demonstrated to reaffirm the continuation of their action and responding to the call of Bahrain’s Senior Religious Scholar Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Qassem.

In this context, the Head of the Political Bureau of Bahrain’s February 14 Youth Coalition Dr. Ibrahim al-Aradi said that “the Bahraini people’s commemoration of the revolution anniversary through their presence in protests and popular marches reveals their determination to stick to the values, principles, and objectives of the revolution.”

In a speech he delivered during the 12th anniversary of the Bahrain Revolution, Dr. al-Aradi added, “The Bahraini people, with their presence in popular marches carrying the photos of figures, leaders and detainees, is a genuine lesson to all of us in fighting against conspiracy, exasperation, and betrayal policies sought by the ruling Al- Khalifa regime.” 

“We are on the path of freedom, justice, and no submission to the suppressive Al Khalifa regime under any condition,” he went on to say.

By the same taken, al-Aradi re-emphasized the rejection of the Zionist presence in Bahrain, considering it an occupational existence. “Likewise, this existence represents a destructive scheme that targets the entire Ummah.

He finally warned that Bahrain, with all its people and components, will encounter all betrayal and normalization tools and will never hesitate to expand and develop all ways of resisting this scheme.